Thursday, January 24, 2008

elation? well....

Because my thoughts on the whole JFJ firing/Fletcher hiring are kind of nebulous and unoriginal (which, I suppose, would be all right if I could come up with an original way to state them), I'm not going to go into this much. It really is nothing new.

I feel bad for JFJ, partially because I'm not particularly discriminating when it comes to doling out my pity, but also (!) because he had a tough run here. By no means is the GM job easy, and factor in the whole crazy Toronto media/fans thing, plus his lack of autonomy and perhaps his inexperience made the whole thing worse.
But hey, its a tough world out there, and we can't be coddling everyone. So the canning, I think, was necessary, and probably should have occurred quite a bit earlier too.

What do I think of Fletcher? I'm copping out and saying I haven't decided yet.

His hiring will probably improve team performance slightly, which is kind of what I don't want right now, as sucking less can easily be mistaken for success here. And I won't lie, watching the team go down in flames might be a tiny bit entertaining. Makes for good drama in the off-season.

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