Friday, December 14, 2007

The "Ups and Downs" of Being a Coyote

Well it would seem that TGO has no clue who he really wants on the roster this year so he's perfectly content shipping off our players after a game or two and bringing up fresh meat... erm, another baby from the A, I mean. It's not even halfway into the season yet and already we've seen Auldy get traded to Boston (and play outrageously better there than he did for us, might I add) and Abby get loaned to Switzerland. Billy T and Brendan Bell both get recalls only to get shipped back down to San Antonio after a few games apiece and now Joel Perrault and Keith Yandle have been called up to play with the big dogs (no pun intended).

Funny story about Yandle - I believe it was Maloney who stated in an interview over the summer (and I'll try to find the link) that Keith Yandle is a fantastic player. 'His only problem is his defense... *short pause* and that's a big problem considering he's a defenseman." Ya think??

Anyway, we played the Islanders last night and it wasn't pretty. As far as I'm concerned they outplayed us and they shouldn't have; We made stupid mistakes and deserved the loss. What we didn't deserve, however, was DiPietro being a douchebox to Doan & the Joves. Don't get me wrong, I have always had a bit of a softspot where Ricky was concerned but as a fan, I tend to get a little miffed when people hit my captain... call me crazy but there you have it.

We're moving right on along the East to take on Pookie & Schnookie. Apparently they're ready for us... Bethany's been calling Brodeur every night with tips on how to beat her twins team (which I don't appreciate thankyouverymuch) and so we're going to have to come up with some crazy stunts if we want to get past him. No worries, though, he's not the only one getting tips whispered in his ear. I've been watching you Brodeur and I've got you all figured out!! Game on!


Schnookie said...

Hmmm... Let me see... 1:00 Saturday matinee against a Western Conference team? The day before a game against the Flyers? With Tracy giving her team pointers on how to beat Brodeur? I smell let-down game! WOO HOO! :P

Z4Dfense said...

No way! We win the ones we ain't supposed to. And completely stun ourselves into a coma in the games we're supposed to have a chance at. Look out New York! The Dawgs will be howlin in the streets...hide the women and children! LOL

Z4Dfense said...

PS... call Telly! He's gettin the nod for this game. The Prairievarg vs *does mad Marty even have a nickname?* Oh well... Go Swedish Wolf!

Tracy said...

Mad Marty sounds fine enough for me... and check! Telly has been called, sweet nothings have been whispered in his ear and death threats have been uttered aloud... it's ON!