Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stuff I guarantee you did not know about the Calgary Flames

I'm feeling better about my hockey team these days. A week or so ago, when they started their road trip in Chicago, things did not look good. A bad road trip would pretty guarantee a finish out of a playoff spot... a decent one, and we'd stay alive.

What we've got is a GREAT road trip. Four wins in a row... some high scoring (mostly from our top line), good times, good times.

In particular, Calgary's 9-6 win over Tampa (sorry, Finny!) was a catalyst for visiting the history books of Flames seasons past. The Calgary Herald's beat writer for the Flames has a list of statistics:

  • Thursday's three-ring circus in Tampa marked the first time since Feb. 10, 1993 the Flames had two players fire hat tricks in the same contest.
  • Dion Phaneuf became the first Flame to get five assists in a game since the great Al MacInnis on March 20, 1994 (at Toronto).
  • Only three other NHL blue-liners have had five-assist games in the past nine seasons
  • The Flames haven't scored nine in a game since they scored 10 against Tampa, of all teams, on Jan. 2, 1996.Fifteen total goals was the most since Feb. 21, 1997Feb 21 1992, when the Flames outgunned the Kings 9-7. (He said 1997, but I was actually at the game for my birthday, and I know it happened much much earlier than 1997. Sad!)
Well...that concludes the trivia portion of today's reading... I guess I should get back to finishing my term project...

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