Monday, December 17, 2007

Sharks Win in the Shootout

Last night the shootout was won by the Sharks. It went several rounds. A combination of the opposition's shooters poor luck and saves by Nabby took care of the defensive side. 3 goals by Pavelski (has he ever missed in a shootout? Not that I can remember), Marleau and Thornton secured the win.

This rare shootout success does not make me confident that the Sharks shootout troubles are over. They have had the occasional successes but they'll have to be more consistent to make shootout believers of Sharks fans. Especially Nabby. Not liking it himself is no excuse: he needs to practice because it is the current reality.

While I was both shocked and pleased by the Sharks shootout success my favorite part of the game was Torrey Mitchell's shorthanded goal, which is not on YouTube or I'd be happily posting it right now. If you haven't seen it and want to you can check out the highlights for the game on

Mitchell's first NHL goal was against the Ducks. Perhaps he will be the Sharks new Duck hunter. One can hope.

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Dare said...

I believe Pavelski missed in a shootout earlier this year against the Oilers. I remember because we were at BPs and I was cheering against the Oilers (and for Pavelski, who I have in my pool) and got razzed for my efforts.