Friday, December 14, 2007

Now they hit the West Coast

Seriously, you guys, the Stars have the worst travel of anyone in the league. I don't like 9pm starts, I have to sleep. I'm getting old.

Anyway, after a successful road trip to face some Eastern Conference teams (the Stars came out 4-2-0 in that trip, I'd say that's pretty darn successful), they now head to the West Coast to face off against the Sharks, Oilers, Canucks, and Flames.

Since firing General Manager Doug Armstrong in November, the Stars are 10-4-1. I'm pretty sure that makes it apparent that there was something going on behind the scenes, and that firing Armstrong was the right move. The Stars now have 38 points, and are battling with San Jose for number one in the Pacific Division. The Stars record is 17-11-4, which I feel is pretty good, considering the slow, SLOW start to the season.

I really don't know what to talk about with my Stars, besides that. There's little happening, really. Just trying to get back to their winnin' ways.

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Ellie said...

I feel ya on the late start times. Pens just got back from a West Coast road trip and I was saying the same thing - "I'm old now and can only watch for an hour before bedtime!"