Monday, December 24, 2007

It's Cold in Here!

If you were the GM of a team that is the "foundation" of the NHL, ok, fine, the worst team in the NHL, and your team is currently on a 7-game losing streak which is the second longest losing streak of this season, second only to the 5-game losing streak your team accumulated in October and the other 5-game losing streak put together during November would you fire your coach during the Christmas Break? Oh, and did I mention that we've only won 2 of the 13 games we've played thus far in December? Or would you wait till the day after Christmas and fire him the morning of a game? Or would you suffer through three more games and then fire him just before the clock marks 2008?

If I was the GM...Crow would have been handed the pink slip the moment he stepped off the bus after returning from Nashville. I know, I'm cold as ice, but then again, this is a business. It's not like he'll be strapped for cash because of being fired. At least this way he would be able to enjoy Christmas with his family without constantly wondering when the axe would fall.

So now I turn the question to you, dear HLOGgers...what would you do if the decision was yours?


Shan said...

It's getting in cold in heeeere...
so put on lots more clothes...

I am
gettin so cold
I wanna put my clooothes on

Meg said...

I think I'd fire him oh, months ago. Failing that probably immediately after Christmas.