Friday, November 02, 2007

Superstition, Fear, and Jealousy.


Up until last season, I was the QUEEN of Superstitions. Everything from the Long March and A Meltdown Each Round to the Ritual of the Bitter Bean and Every Game Day And TWICE On Sunday was my schtik. It was my own little brand of hedge-witchery, designed to bring a little extra luck to my team, and it made me a complete and total basket-case. If I missed even one thing and the team lost, oh MAN was I in a funk.

Now? I'm pretty much down to not partaking of adult beverages on game days and the Long March. Well OK, and there's a CD I have in my car that I listen to during the season--and it's all I listen to--and if I can't park in the free parking at the Fairgrounds, I'll drop the $8 and park in the pay lots. But that's about it.

Well OK, I also refuse to support businesses that consort with The Enemy. But that's just done out of team loyalty than anything else, really. I also try not to get into fights or arguments on a game day, because that's always soured the mojo--Wings fans, you're welcome for that 3OT in 2002. Bastards--and there are certain sections at the RBC that I just won't sit in because it just doesn't feel right (one of them is 328--which is very sad for me, because 328 is the Carnival Fun Section).

But that's it! No really, I promise! And now that I've talked about them, none of those things will work anymore.

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