Friday, November 02, 2007

Game-day Superstitions in Philly

Right. I'm a little superstitious about discussing my superstitions...blame it on hockey-goalie little brother, because those guys are the most superstitious of all.

On game-days, I must:

1. Read the Flyers web site and review any funny photos or interviews there,
2. Cruise over to HLOG and see what's going on, and
3. Wear my black v-neck, three-quarter length sleeve sweater with an orange cami under it.

If it's a home game and I have tickets:
1. I must leave work or home early enough to get down to the Wachovia Center well before warm-ups.
2. I must watch the warm-ups.
3. I must take notes for the blog on the back of my PDF print-out ticket.

If it's a home game and I'm not there, I can listen to the game on the radio or watch it on local TV (if it's on local, non-cable TV).

New superstition for this season: I must not listen to away games on the radio.

However, I wonder what will happen when I have my sweater (for the hockey husband) and T-shirts (for the two hockey boyfriends)? Can I wear these and thus negate the radio ban for away games? What about the non-ban on the radio and TV for home games I'm not attending in person, or the games for which I have tickets?

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