Thursday, November 29, 2007

Leafs Thrashed Out a Win

Leafs fans: stop the presses, the sky is no longer falling, after tonight's 4-2 road win against the struggling Atlanta Thrashers.

Important things from this victory are Leaf youngsters Matt Stajan and Alexander Steen ending their goal scoring slumps; both notched lone goals tonight. Jason Blake, still snake bitten and underachieving with only 2 goals on the season, did manage an assist. His shots had more focus than in previous games.

The highlight of the game for Leafs fans came from, who else? Matthias Johann Sundin, who notched a beauty of a backhander, that stands not only as the game winner, but also as the one that ties him with legend Wayne Gretzky at 11th on the all time NHL GWG list.


k.le said...

i wouldn't go as far to say the sky is no longer falling. perhaps its descent downward has slowed somewhat...

in other words: this better be the beginning of one heck of a long winning streak.

Ms. M's Miscellany said...

You've jinxed them now! They have shown signs of improvement the past few games and a string of wins is what this team needs. Well, that and a swift one to the goolies.