Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Five, November 9

  1. Given the opportunity would you travel to space?
  2. Who was (or is) your favourite teacher?
  3. What significant news event do you remember from your childhood?
  4. What was the last photo you took?
  5. How do you like your pizza?


Kerriberry7228 said...

1. While I would love to say I would travel to space, I'd probably be way too scared.

2. My favorite teacher was a philosophy teacher I had in 12th grade. She's the reason I'm studing to become a teacher, and the reason I'm a philosophy minor.

3. I watched votes come in for the presidental election when Bush lost to Clinton. That is, Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton.

4. The last photo I took was of my new puppy! He's a 13 week old black lab, named Shanahan. (Yes... after Brendan.)

5. I like plain, usually. I'll be the typical New Yorker and tell you all to come here and try ours... you'll never eat other pizza again. It's the water. :P

Lucky13 said...

1) No way. I'll watch it thru Hubble's eyes.
2) Mrs. Bader - 4th grade. She was like Mom.
3) At the risk of sounding old, I'll say the Iran hostage crisis. I clearly remember the bumper stickers that had mickey mouse flipping the bird next to the words "Hey Iran!".
4) Photo of my cat snoozing.
5) White is my current favorite, especially with spinach and garlic (great for the breath).

KMS2 said...

1. Probably not since I'm not the biggest fan of flying. And seriously, how many space shuttles have blown up??

2. Professor from college.

3. LA Riots (we got a day off from school!), Northridge earthquake (I felt it!), Clinton being inaugarated (I completely misspelled that word. Not that I care about Clinton but I was in 5th grade and the teachers wanted us to watch it).

4. It was probably Penner's arse.

5. Cheese or maybe pepperoni. I like regular crust but the BF likes thin crust so we usually have a 10 minute argument about what type of crust to order every single time we get pizza. Of all the arguments a couple could have this is the one that we have the most often and can develop into a heated debate.

Anonymous said...

1. Without question. As a child I wanted to be a marine biologist and then develop an experiment to be a mission specialist on the Shuttle.

2. Was would be my AP Euro teacher. He taught history as a series of stories. Is would be my advisor-he's letting me write a master's thesis on hockey... come on!

3. I remember watching the verdict of the OJ Simpson case at school in 5th grade. I can also vaguely remember Desert Storm, but mostly because my mom hoarded water in the pantry in case of attack.

4. According to Flikr, Ben Clymer being escorted to the penalty box.

5. Crustiful. I'm a pizza crust whore. I'm also sort of a sauce snob.

leanne said...

1. Of course! I always wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up. Things just worked out differently.

2. Ohhh...I've been blessed with many awesome teachers. Maybe Mr. Kelly in high school, with whom I had to take many, many English classes.

3. How... topical. I was annoyed when Challenger blew up because it was cutting into my Mr. Dressup time. Also, I remember the Flames winning the Stanley Cup. Of course.

4. I don't have copies of them (and probably never will), but I took some snaps of people visiting Lake Louise and Johnston Canyon when I went hiking last weekend.

5. Cooked. I'm not that picky, otherwise.

Kirsten said...

1.)Given the opportunity would you travel to space?
HELL YES. I have always been fascinated with space.
2.)Who was (or is) your favourite teacher? Fro AKA Frau Oberembt now Glynn, but I still call her Fro.
3.)What significant news event do you remember from your childhood? Um I remember talking about Bob Dole vs. Bill Clinton in third grade and then of course the ensuing Clinton scandal. I was 8th grade for 9/11 if that counts?
4.)What was the last photo you took? I took a lot of photos for people at our last regatta.
5.)How do you like your pizza? Lots of crust and cheese. Oh and green peppers.

Nadine said...

1. Nope. I'm just not that adventurous.

2. Ms. Boehringer, because she let me split-grade class listen to the radio! (Hey, that was really cool in third grade.)

3. The Challenger expolsion because Judy Resnik was from Akron, OH, where I lived at the time. Also, the day of her funeral in Akron, because we had an earthquake.

4. My brother and his new wife at their wedding in August.

5. Extra sauce, easy on the cheese!

Finny said...

1. um, no. lance bass would probably kick my arse in order to go first.

2. probably dr. stein or dr. stanton. dr. stein was just real and dr. stanton made shakespeare interestingggg

3. princess diana's death... and the northridge earthquake.

4. picture i took was w/ me and mark mowers... before that, with mathieu schneider.

5. um. hot. LOL. hawaiian style.

Cat said...

1. YES. Yes yes yes yes yes. One week, I watched "Apollo 13" EVERY SINGLE DAY and cried every time, and dude, I want to go to space so bad.

2. My favorite teacher was my high school senior English teacher. It was a regulars class, since I was on academic probation and couldn't be in any of the honors classes, and that frustrated me a lot, because the only reason I was on probation is because I really wasn't challenged enough (or I was lazy, one of those). She would give me suggestions on books to read, and whenever I did any creative writing she'd read it over for me and give me feedback.

3. I have fond memories of watching new footage about the launch of the Hubble telescope. I wasn't even 5, but when I was a kid I had this obsession with space. Also, I remember coming home from school on the day of Columbine (I was 13 years old) and watching the footage with my dad. I was a sophomore in high school on September 11, 2001, and I was sick that day with the flu, so you can imagine that I lay on the couch all day watching that.

4. I took pictures of the cute little kids playing hockey during the first intermission of the Stars/Coyotes game on November 2.

5. Spinach alfredo pizza is my kryptonite. I will do almost anything for a good slice of spinach alfredo pizza.

My answers were hella long-winded, sorry guys.

Dare said...

1. Do I have to pay for this opportunity? Am I getting paid to do it? If I have to Lance Bass it, I can think of better places to spend my money. If it's free, or better yet, there's payment coming my way...sweet.

2. Mary Louise Adams, PHE @ Queen's University. Her first year class in Sociology of Sport made me switch my major from Biology to Sociology. Her third year and fourth year classes (I took a total of four from her...can we say 'small department'?) made me want to go to grad school. MLA rocks.

3. I'll have to go with OJ. I think it was seventh grade. I remember they had TVs tuned into it in the library.

4. Photographic evidence of something disgusting a housemate had done. I won't describe, because it's gross. The picture before, however, was my puppy after she had stolen a bag of brown sugar and her snout was covered in it. That one was super cute.

5. Not too greasy. Back in Ontario, Pizza Pizza - mushrooms, chicken, broccoli. Out here in Alberta, Panago. Blue cheese steak. With both, the garlic dip is essential. I'm also partial to the chicken ceaser pizza available in packages of three at Costco. Damn, this makes it sound like I eat pizza 8 times a week...