Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Whistle while you work

Note to the Flyers: Guys, really, you're having too much fun at work lately!

The Flyers used their break between the loss to the Oilers and tomorrow's Canucks game to travel to Whistler, BC for some team-building.

(In a former life, I was a counselor at a camp that has a high- and low-ropes course like this. It can be a lot of fun, with the right kind of group. I was completely envious when I saw the photos, sitting in my Center City office while it was almost 90 outside.)

Marty Biron: You slay me!

Marty's contributing to the team's road trip blog, and demonstrating his fine sense of humor. Here's a small excerpt: "As expected, the defensemen and goalies were really effective and really pulled through and got our heads together. But, we really did some crazy things. If there was a way where we could have as much fun to get the task done, we did."

There's also a lot of video feed posted from the indoor communciations exercises and outdoors ropes course activities, about 40 minutes worth. In video 2, Marty says to Hatch: "We're safe. Let's leave now." (Meanwhile, everyone else in the group is on the other side of the "electric fence," including Coach Stevens, if I'm not mistaken.)

Bonus tape: Footage of the four Finnish guys, with Sami, Kimmo and Lasse ordering Niitty around in Finnish!

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