Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Leafs Nation - Another Heart Breaking Tale

This post has nothing to do with game results, but test results. Cancer test results. On Monday, recently acquired Leafs winger Jason Blake tearfully announced at a press conference that he has a rare form of leukemia. The outlook is excellent due to breakthroughs in cancer research. This is also not the first time Blake has had to deal with cancer. His wife was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2001 when she was 8 months pregnant.

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Regardless of what teams we suppport, I hope you can all join me in wishing Blake and family wishes for health and happiness.

Blake had no idea that something might be amiss, and was shocked by what the annual team physical showed. Please use this as an example of nagging the men in your lives to go for check ups.

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Kerriberry7228 said...

Of course I'm praying for Jason Blake and his family.

But really, Blake is lucky he's a professional athlete, under the care of several of the best doctors at all times. In anyone else, it could have gone much longer to detect.