Monday, October 29, 2007

TOPIC CHANGE: Superstitions part 2

Okay so here's the new weekly topic, it has appeared in the past but I want you guys to still do it. Srsly, new season. New mindset.

ESPN recently published an article on how fans feel about superstition. It's a bit familiar to all of us, and I know I am freaking insane when it comes to this stuff.

A nurse from Eldridge, Ala., Pate said she refuses to own a red car or purchase anything crimson. So when she recently had to spend time in a hospital after the birth of her twin sons, she was aghast when she noticed someone had brought her a pink toothbrush. Auburn promptly dropped two straight games.
  • Has something similiar happened where you feel a loss or a bad outcome was because of an event that happened to you?
  • Do you have your lucky things? How did it become lucky?
A post in relation to this topic should be written, it can be as short as you want or as long as you want.

Or you can talk about Oprah. Your call.


kristin said...

Um yeah, I can't even talk about my superstitions and jinxes.

I am a total mess on game day. Choosing which articles of clothing, even down to which pair of glasses I wear (I have 4 pair) is a total struggle.

"Should I wear this because it worked last time?"

"I dunno, we have a good chance of losing tonight, maybe I won't wear this so if we do lose I won't get any jinx on it."

I was at Target the other day and was going to buy some orange and black socks (yay Halloween season). I already bought a pair of these particular socks, and they had been pretty lucky. I picked up two more pair and put them in my cart. But then I got to thinking: "what happens when I wash all 3 pairs at the same time? how will I know which ones are the original lucky ones?" and "won't I be diluting the luck of the first pair by buying two more pair?" The socks came out of the cart.

I know this is totally irrational behavior, but I can't help it. I also know that what I wear does not in any way affect the outcome of the game. Somehow though, I can't stop!

KMS2 said...

omg, I totally know what I'm going to write about!