Monday, October 29, 2007

Fantasy Hockey Update Week Three...Winning on a technicality...

So Sherry totally kicked my ass this week. She has a fantastic team, including Langkow, Spezza, Whitney and Cammalleri. She leads the league in assists and is tied for second with kms2 for goals. If I had to guess, I would say she or kms2 win the whole enchilada.

At one point early in the week, I was down 8-1. I gained a little momentum when my goalies started to play, and it looked like I was going to finish the week 5-4. (Brind'Amour's hat trick pushed me ahead in the goals category.) (That despite the fact that Pretty Ricky totally effed my SV% and GAA!!!!!!)

But then a strange thing happened...I ended up winning 8-2. Sitting in front of my computer at 3 am and waiting for the stats to update, I was shocked to see my amazing come from behind victory, even though none of my guys played on Sunday. When I dug a little deeper though, I was more shocked. My crappy SV% and GAA beat hers! WTF?

And then I remembered the minimum game rule: combined, your goalies must play at least 3 games during the week. Hers only played two games! Sweeeeeeet!! Victory is mine!!!

Other than my exciting victory, here is the lowdown:

kms2 continues to dominate: she beat the snot out of Jordi, and 4 of her players had game winning goals...this week! She has a league high 8 GWG. Damn!

Kirsten crushed Leanne, and now that I think of it, is definitely one of the other teams that could take the whole enchilada. She has a league high +/- of 27, and nobody else is even close! Don't worry though Leanne, once Gagne comes back you'll be fine. Plus you picked up a lot of great players this weekend, including Patrick Kane...who knew he was still a free agent?

I am happy to report that Tracy swept Murphys, which is a good thing, since I think this is elly's team and she hasn't even logged in since before the draft.

Teka and Steph had a good battle, although at one point Teka was up 9-0. It's a good thing Vinny had 21 PIM, or Steph would have beat the self proclaimed PIM queen in that category. (psst, teka, you are actually 5th in PIM right now.)

And then there is Bethany and capschick. Both teams had an underwhelming week, with a combined 9 goals and a - 9 for the week. With stats like that, it's a wonder either of them won any category at all...but they ended the week nicely 4-3 in Bethany's favor.

Matchup to watch this week: kms2 vs. kirsten. It's gonna be a tough one! Make sure your goalies get their minimum games in!!!


Sherry said...

Hey, if I was really kicking that much ass, I wouldn't be 9th!

Kirsten said...

WHOO! Thanks for the update, Kristin! (OMG, SO HARD TO TYPE!)

kms2-I'm coming for you...maybe.

Sherry-I'm 8th, so it's all good. Maybe we're just starting to hit our strides?

CapsChick said...

Ouch. Thanks for alerting everyone to my suckitude ;)

Bah...I need Semin to be back and healthy. Then you all will see. Then you'll ALL be sorry!!

KMS2 said...

kms2-I'm coming for you...maybe.

Ohhhh, it is on!!

I am absolutely amazed at my +/-. The past two seasons I've played Fantasy Hockey, my +/- has been atrocious. I was panicking that I wasn't going to get my min. of 3 games this week.

Kristin, thanks for the doing the weekly fantasy updates!

kristin said...

capschick...I tried to be as gentle as possible...there was just no nice way to say it! ;)

leanne said...

Sigh...just not a good fantasy week over all. But yeah, I had a feeling I could do some home renovations...

Elly said...

Ha! Haha...hah...hahaha, yeah, oops. I keep forgetting to do those little things, like set my rosters, change players, things like that. Or log in. That'd be a good start to not sucking horribly.