Sunday, October 21, 2007

Head 2 Head Challenge - Tracy vs. Steph

The battle lines have been drawn, the faces have been painted and the jerseys have be donned. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves here, ladies and germs, this battle of epic proportions has only begun. There's still plenty of time for eyes to be gouged and hair to be pulled. What war has begun, you say? Only the most devastating war to ever have been fought in any arena from here to world's end (no, not the Johnny Depp movie). The battle of Wings vs. Yotes, and trust me, my dears, it's a bloody and dangerous battle.

We fought valiantly, we even thought we had it for a full period. The Wings wouldn't have any of it, though. Losing to the lowest life form was just unacceptable to them so after allowing the Yotes to get their hopes up; just toying with us, I'm sure; they smashed us back down to Earth with surprising speed and without us really even realizing that we were being schooled. I would be impressed if I weren't so pissed off. My dear Coyotes have a terrible knack for allowing me to think that we're going to win, only to pull the rug out from under me. It's quite frustrating.

Either way, the battle was fought and there was neither enough battle (on my side) nor enough blood (definitely on the Wings side) and so it was difficult to sit through. Between pissing off the Wings fans sitting around me to having text-message battle with Ms. Steph, herself (in between her blasphemy of switching to the Sox game of course) I got enough happiness to get me past the fact that my team was (once again) murderlized by the Wings.

I think I'm actually good with it, though. I knew going into this year that my team was going to stink like last weeks garbage and god knows that I've gotten way too used to getting spanked by the Wings for it to really bother me. Good game, Steph, even though you kept ditching your team for the Sox... we'll try again next time. :)


Steph said...

You guys (here's looking at you, Jordi) have the most spectacular habits of picking the absolute most flattering pictures of me :P (You know though, I kind of miss that hair.)

And SHUSH I switched to see the Sox score for like FIVE MINUTES!

Shan said...

Ladies and GERMS?!

Okay, well, I'm sick.

A decade in the desert is nothing to be proud of.

Tracy said...

Aw, come on Steph, I LOVE that picture!!

Leave my decade alone... I haven't been alive a lot longer than that, it's all I've got huh?!

Steph said...

Actually I'm a little partial to that picture too for some reason :P The story is, I was at a party, my friend Stef ran up to me and yelled "POSE FOR A PICTURE!" and that was my immediate response. Uh, I hadn't had ANYTHING to drink...or anything like that...