Monday, October 22, 2007

Fantasy Update Week Three...How many centers can one team carry?

Another great week in the NON-suck league.

kms2 continues to dominate, like really dominate. she only lost in one freaking category this week (+/-) and she only lost that by three lousy points. damn girl, I think you may have done this before.

Bethany had a good week, bolstered mostly by Guerin's hat trick. Sure, she had a few assists from Sid, but overall that guy is bringing her down.

Jordi and her man Marty continue to roll in the shutouts and wins, and thanks to Marty, her week didn't totally suck.

Steph continues to be quietly consistent, not flashy with any 8-1 wins, but holding firmly in second place. Steph is head to head with Teka this week, so any hope of winning PIM is gone. Teka is owning that category. Too bad it is the only category she owns...well that and she is currently owning the basement. (Teka, you are behind Murphys..they haven't even logged in since August 29th....)

PIM is one category I can't win, and can barely get a freaking point in. I had 22 PIM this week, and I think that is more than my total PIM so far. I added 75 new centers to my lineup, just to make things interesting. My opponent this week is Sherry, and I fully expect to lose since her team is 95 percent Sens and Wild. I don't stand a chance.

Tracy was having a rough week, where at some point she was down 9-1, but she managed to win 3 categories after a great Saturday. Stupid Saturday games, they get me every time.

That's all for to catch the boys at practice!


Kirsten said...

Sakic is my best player this year, but he was up for the Lady Byng last year, so he's not going to be tearing it up for PIM.

KMS2 said...

I absolutely destroyed CapsChick last week. Although Peter Budaj and his 10.0 GAA in his first game of the week really sealed the deal. At first I didn't think she would have any chance of catching me in the PIM category since my Holmstrom netted me 10PIM in his first game of the week. She did have a fair showing with 21 PIM for the week but that was nothing compared to my 36 PIM. I've been quite pleased with my team so far...bring it on ladies!!

Tracy said...

9-1... I think that's the point where I smack talked with the "Are we sure this isn't the suck league?" because damn, my fantasy team makes the Coyotes look like the Stanley Cup is in the bag...

Anonymous said...

See, if I could kick JStaal into PLAYING instead of wrassling with Caps, I swear, I'd be doing better. And Vinny... where the hell is he? It's like being on my fantasy team implies you don't have to show up.