Friday, September 21, 2007

A short message from your friendly preseason hockey HLOGette.

So I'm tired as hell and all I want to do this morning was to kick back in the computer lab hidden from the teacher and listening to a quality feed of hockey. Luckily Centre Ice wasn't a full whore and decided to comply. So with sound and video, what was I to do but join in with some quality commentating with our dear co-HLOGer, Caps Chick.

Of course the final part of it went a little like this:
[10:25] Jordi: THIS IS BULLSHIT
[10:25] Jordi: FUN THE SENS
[10:25] Caps Chick: FUN THE SENS?
[10:25] Jordi: FUCK THEM
[10:25] Caps Chick: hahahaha
[10:25] Caps Chick: got it
[10:25] Jordi: THEY'LL HAVE FUN
[10:25] Jordi: BECAUSE THEY LIKE
[10:25] Jordi: TAKING IT UP THE ASS

Apart from that ugly moment, I assure you that our commentary was fairly biased. Caps Chick has a habit of betraying her Sens sympathy and I have to pick up the slack there in intense Sens hatred (I am a Habs fan, we think we're better than anyone in the North-East division).

It started with our regular constant praise of Olie the goalie, the stonewalling man of steel, that studly greek god of all net minders, the... you get the point. We launched into who Ovie would destroy first. I suggested Emery before reminding myself that Gerber baby was starting - so it would be him and then Emery. Alongside that, when Ovie got his own penalty, we started a great rendition of "BULLSHIT!". Caps Chick was vocal about her Brooks, reminding me every moment he appeared on the camera. I can almost still hear a voice at night screaming "Brooks! Brooks! Brooks!". It was alright since later in intermission, when the camera panned to a beautiful generous shot of their little backup named Neuvirth, all I could get out was "NEUUUUUUUU" before passing out from his overwhelming intensity (and that gorgeous fructis emo hair) in chewing gum.

When I came to, the game took a break to give us a sample of what Centre Ice ads would be like. The consensus? Wow, a whole lot of lame. We were rather stunned by the ads, Caps Chick providing her thoughts ("WHAT. THE. FUCK. WAS. THAT?"). In her defense, she mentions: "cold medicine is fun - everything is fucking hilarious to me now". In relation to many great Gerber saves, I scream "Damn you Volchenkov! You bastard whore! Go play for a real team!".

Our celebrations were big and happy, almost as if it were the playoffs and they were fighting for conference finals. Either that or Caps Chick's hand in marriage.

And this was me in a silent computer lab; I was the only one giggling like a kid forgetting to take her pills.

Alas, the game didn't end as planned and we had a couple of mean things to say but it's pretty much it. We had a kickass time and provided the best commentary.

So maybe we should make this preseason a more fun thing. I know blogs provide a game day post with comments but I like the personal aim program with no refresh needed. So any kid with spare time should hit us up, either me ( or any available chica on AIM (add your screen name in the comments), and we can make a group chat a la movie night.

We'll rock preseason!


Shmee said...

That was hilarious! I am glad Becks is doing such a good job of bringing you to our side.

My aim is Beirut18 but Center Ice online IS being a lame whore for me. Hopefully it will work tonight.

CapsChick said...

How do I always end up sounding like a moron in these things?

It wasn't EVERY time Laich was on screen...just most of them. And it would have been a lot louder if someone else had been playing, I assure you.


CapsChick said...

Oops. CapsChick27 is my AIM name.