Saturday, September 08, 2007

The HLOG AIHL convention, where two hockey nerds really wanted their hockey fix

There’s something incomparable to this HLOG meetup. Maybe it was almost like the next step of a relationship, or solidifying the truth of how friendships can be made in such unlikely places. To say in a light sense, this meetup blew a lot of other ones away. Yes, sorry HG, Capschick, Ookies, Steph, Elly & Sherry. (and you guys can claim that the future one will rock harder but… I highly doubt it!) Maybe it was a combination of good booze, good hockey & good times. Or maybe it was how much we had found the love you create for a team, how they don’t have to be a flashy bunch or *cough* party like a rockstar. We genuinely experienced the love for hockey firsthand, and we wouldn’t trade this experience – even if I was that close to not even doing it at all. Lyndelle and Sasky pestered me and for that I thank them. All I can say is, I think I had a grand experience and yes, pistons and engines. Pistons and mutha fucking engines.

(At 1:21) Sasky was very muchly like Mandy Moore the next morning after the booze, I was more like Carla. Whereas Jordan was probably a lot more like Yawney, our friendly Ice player.

(As a quick note: this post uses the snapshot feature. If yours doesn’t preview the pages/photos then your browser/net/you are a whore)

Nonetheless early in the morning, Sasky was gently guided by Patrice Bergeron to the airport, however I think I was kicked out of bed by Roloson and rolled in the general direction of the airport. Along with Lyndelle, we talked about how much we would rock the game. Just a little. And when we hit our motel, nothing would be nicer than to just collapse in a heap and sleep. However the Sydney Bears and Adelaide Avalanche were already knocking so we dragged our asses out to watch them. Complete with Melbourne Ice themed eyeliner glitter, and pom poms to match. I sported a Melbourne Ice pair of nails so I felt the mojo was pretty high up there.

Also, we saw a guy in legendary Dallas third jersey, where Sasky shouted clearly and loudly: “Is that a (M)UTERUS JERSEY!?”

So when the Bears (come on, we weren’t cheering for them because of Adelaide’s issues with the Bluetongues or even because of – ahem – the awesome Finnish goalie) won, we felt ready for the Ice to sweep the North Stars. I felt ready. I even told myself that several times. However it seemed a mistake after another and in my own bitter rage the North Stars emerged better trained and with an offense which beat our own. Our dmen rallied but they folded eventually.

I kept muttering myself “they can tie this up!” and “no way!”. And Sasky told me of how she would eventually hit me if I stop saying that. And I couldn’t cope with it; I couldn’t turn off the game when it was going bad like a TV or a radio feed. I couldn’t look away. And they lost against Ezzy and the rest of the Happy Gang. But my disappointment (especially when I go to get a coke and suddenly they’re down by another one goal) wasn’t too much for the rest of the Ice crowd to swell up at the end, providing a great standing ovation for the team. It’s like a tired old cliché, we have a dump of a rink but we’re such an awesome team in that way.

Nonetheless the games for the Ice ended intensely well (so well that afterwards Sasky suggested that I may be banned from the rink for it). And apart from that, the next finals game was great. Northstars played well, but it seemed that us cheering for the Sydney Bears must’ve helped cause they won baby! And well the night was a fun barbeque. Okay Jordi had drinks. Let’s leave it at that.

Nonetheless it was a great trip, next year I’m more than ready to take the same trip. Watching hockey in the flesh, no matter how famous these people are, was exhilarating. And next year the Ice will win it!

PS. Fuck Zummi Zummi. Right in the ear.

Mighty Ducks 3 Night postponed because of fantasy draft. I have no ideas. YOU GIVE ME IDEAS.


Anonymous said...

You do realize you've just thrown down the gauntlet for the 1-95, right?

kristin said...

Whoa check out that snazzy publicity shot at the top!

And if I only I could ever understand half of what Jordi is saying.....

Sasky said...

There needs to be an edit with my information to it!


Note 1 - Jordi is the only person i've seen who can throw up and laugh at the same time.

Note 2 - NEVER play drinking games with hockey boys and A RUSSIAN.

Note 3 - Never let jordi play zummi zummi. Because she sucks.

Note 4 - Burn Lliam's head band.