Sunday, August 12, 2007

Summer redesigning in the offseason.

So according to HF29, I am an intense bigamist, and what I do best is constantly show my disloyalty whenever I start cheering for the other. Considering the Habs are being constantly neglected (Huet wants to know what he did wrong), I want to reassure you all that I as the Habs representative will not neglect my duty.

I know I know, that is intensely uninteresting, I even had to take off my hockey sketches to make space for this. However, this was probably merely the easiest part of the Summer hockey redecoration of Jordi's room.

20 fucking printed pages, with a bit of fudged ink but it turned out alright. I spent close to an hour sticking these onto the wall, whereas the second one wasn't as bad but still was a bitch to stick together.

I seem to fail horribly in trying to communicate the awesomeness of all this. It's a little pet project I jumped on as soon as I saw other examples. You might have heard of the Rasterbator, a nifty program which helps make little dotty images on multiple pages for you to re-arrange on your own wall. You can make it as huge as possible and decorate your bedroom wall in which I've done. If anyone has some spare paper, a free wall and want to try out some hockey decorating, I'd encourage you to try it out.

As a final note, I put some high-res examples of mine on a flickr account and this is how my room now looks (yes that's a hand-me-down bed. And ignore the bed mess).


Tracy said...

That's insanely wicked!! I wanna do that!!

Steph said...

Hemsky is now on your wall bigger than he is on mine! :( Must be rectified immediately!

Jordi said...

It should be a hlog requirement: "must rasterbate your hockey image onto your wall".

Hockey_Princess said...

Must ge cheap printer with ink...Thats truely wicked, I was looking for something to do in my dorm room, what a wonderful what picture to pick

I espically like the Koivu one ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm attempting to rasterbate the Pens bench onto my wall, and Luongo screaming onto one of my doors.


Margee said...

I am jealous, scared, and impressed.

HabsFan29 said...

Wow. I should really be imopressed, and I am. Saku looks spectacular. And my apologies if my comments made you work so hard!

Yet your bigamy still continues to irk. You hear me? I'm irked. At least you're not a Mtl-Toronto bigamist. That would just be... unnatural.