Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Peca the Blue Jackets

Peca is in Columbus and will undergo a physical tomorrow morning. Last season he passed a physical with the Toronto Maple Leafs and recently with the New York Rangers. Michael Peca is expected to make $1.3 million with incentives. The incentive being if the Blue Jackets make the playoffs. And, since the Peca signing isn't official...just yet...I guess everybody should get to know Michael Peca. He's a 33 year old center who has played in 11 NHL seasons. In his 11 seasons he has played with the Canucks, Sabres, Islanders, Oilers, Leafs, and now he's ours (or will be ours soon) He's 5'11'' and weights 190 pounds. He has played in 728 career games with 164 goals and 245 assists and is a plus 73. Peca has played in 93 playoff games with 15 goals and 19 assists. The Columbus Dispatch had this to say:

It's unclear exactly where Peca will fit in the Blue Jackets' lineup, but he will draw major minutes under Hitchcock, who has raved about Peca's work ethic and competitiveness.
Peca has long been regarded as one of the top penalty-killers in the NHL, and with Sergei Fedorov and Manny Malhotra, he gives the Blue Jackets three solid defensive centers as well as three players who excel at winning faceoffs.
One of my favorite things about The Dispatch is that the writers really and truly seem like fans. I think that's why I enjoy reading their articles so much. With Michael Arace's blog about the Peca signing it got me so pumped for him to come to Columbus. (really you have to read that blog Arace is just hilarious) I honestly think that we have potential...not because we have all these amazing super stars but because I think that if we play like a team we will do good.
The Jackets have Rick Nash, Fredrik Modin and Jason Chimera on the left. They have David Vyborny, wild card Nikolai Zherdev, Dan Fritsche and Brule, for now, on the right. Sticking Peca in the middle somewhere, either before or after Fedorov, will not hurt the program.
If and when Peca signs – today, from what we're hearing – the comparatively sweet smell of .500, so foreign to Nationwide Arena, will begin wafting about the building. And there will be some potential -- given luck, momentum of the new administration and the relative fate of other Central Division teams – for something a bit sweeter.
This season can't begin soon enough. I have a great feeling about this year. Regardless of where we stand in the standings at the end of the season...this team will have improved.


Jordi said...

It would be interesting to see how you Jackets deal this coming season. But I still have to say, even Peca's veteran leadership fails to make up for the times where he gets on his knees and suck and blow. With that aside, congratulations on your new purchase. He does present a brilliant upside in some cases for your team. Thought how likely is .500 is something that we'll debate on for hours...

Isleschick said...

Well I like the Blue Jackets and hope he has a good season for you guys but I can't stand him.

Meg said...

I'm glad you're happy to have him...hopefully you'll feel the same way by the end of the season. He's a horrible jerk but if he can stay healthy I expect that he could be a useful player for you guys.

Bitchany said...

Haha I'm just happy to have a center that people know aside from Feds...and everyone outside of our organization hates him...and I love him so maybe it will be ok. :/

Heather B. said...

I'll admit, I have some residual love for Peca from his days in Buffalo - though the "someone PLEASE sign me" begging was tough to watch - so I hope he does have a good season for you guys. I'll be happy if he does.