Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Five, August 17

  1. What is your best birthday memory?
  2. What was the best birthday cake you had?
  3. What was your favourite gift you received?
  4. What gift did you buy for a friend and wish you could have kept it?
  5. What cake did a friend that you wished was yours?

What's that? You detect a birthday theme? Hmmm.... :P


Shmee said...

1. Turning 21. At midnight, I wanted to hit the bars (which is tradition in Vermont) but the 6th Harry Potter tome was being released at midnight. I finally compromised by stumbling into Borders, buying the book, and skimming it at the bar between birthday beers.

2. Harry Potter on my birthday.

3. Never have had that happen.

4. It was a pie but I had a friend's mom make her the most delicious lemon meringue. I wanted that entire thing.


kristin said...

I am only answering number 4 because I remember it vividly.

I was in second grade and going to my friend Cherie's birthday party. We stopped at the pharmacy to get her a gift. It was a little stuffed chimpanzee. We gave it to her. I was devastated. (At the time, I fancied myself the next Jane Goodall.)

We went back the next day and got one for me. His name is Funky Monkey and I have him still. I love him!

here he is

Tracy said...

What is your best birthday memory?
I think I've forgotten... Ok, no. This year (21) my friends showed up at midnight (so I was a little late and it was closer to 1 am) with a cake... good times.

What was the best birthday cake you had?
My little cousin's birthday is 2 days after mine so we've shared birthday stuff for the past 9 years and my cousin got us one with a picture of the two of us on it.

What was your favourite gift you received?
Ziggy jersey. Holla!

What gift did you buy for a friend and wish you could have kept it?
Hmm... Not that sure. All of them I've wanted. Why would I buy something for someone that I wouldn't touch? :) (Read: I can't remember anything specific)

What cake did a friend that you wished was yours?
Bethany's hockey cake... lol.

Earl Sleek said...

1. One birthday my roommate had special ordered a six-foot burrito for my party. We had to go pick it up on foot and carry it back, shoulder-style.

Not only did that monster burrito dwarf all other birthday bashes, but it also made the rest of the questions irrelevant.

Happy birthday, HG!

Anonymous said...

1. Turning 13, I was in Florida for the space shuttle launch. On my birthday. Even cooler? It was one of the astronauts' birthday as well. (Then we went to Sea World... this was back when 'Marine biologist, mission specialist on space shuttle' was my "what i want to do with myself" answer.)

2. My mother's a master of the random cake... one year it was shaped like a flamingo, one year it was all little mermaid with candy rocks on shore... this year it was a hockey rink (yes, i just turned 22, lay off!)

3. Hmm.... That's hard... I'm not even sure. i tend not to keep track of things as "gifts" after i get them.

4. The yarn i use to make people socks.. usually I want to hoard it like the yarn ho I am.

5. One of the big expensive "might as well be a wedding" cakes. Damn rich kids. But they throw good parties.

Anonymous said...

1. My 18th. It was the day of my senior prom. Lost of friends, dancing & some drinking.

2. When I was 3 my grandma made me a cake with a carosel on it.

3. Last year I got a new Ducks jersey.

4. Hmmm...probably when I bought my friends a rather large gift cert to the book store. I should have kept hat for myself.

5. Today, the other girl in my office made one for our boss and it was sooooo good.

Steph said...

1. Last year for my 20th I was in Prague for my birthday - we went out for food and drinks and our little Czech waitress managed to get out of us that it was my birthday and brought me free cake! With my age on it and everything! And then we went dancing at this ridiculous Czech 90s club - how do you beat that?

2. I had some awesome ones looks-wise...but my favorite have always been plain but from this little bakery that has the best buttercream frosting I've ever eaten.

3. My trip to Prague was pretty much paid for for my birthday...can't top that!

4. I'm sure there have been things...but I can't think of them. Does it count to say last year for Elly's birthday I gave her something I wish I could have stayed far far away from? :P

5. Usually it's me that does all the crazy I can't think of any now.

Steph said...

And crap I forgot, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Shan said...

I jsut turned 21 on Wednesday, actually. I was surprised with cake from my coworkers. It was good. the best ever was probably as a child I had a Superman/Batman cake, my mom would make amazing cakes.

Gift is hard to say... last year my coworkers bought me this Scrabble board I really wanted.

Kirsten said...

Turning 18. I went gambling, and then to a strip club (not sure what the point of that was...), and I got trashed. I won money at the casino, though. Turning 19 took me to BC, and I got trashed there, too, but that time surrounded by guys built like lumberjacks. :)
Not gonna lie, those are the only two that I really "remember".
Happy birthday, HG!

Jordi said...

Best birthday memory? ehhhh. None really. I know that sounds crappy and a little lame but my birthdays were forgettable and full of lame.

Favourite gift - I just a 1kg pure silver coin with a diamond eye from my dad. He has a lot of coins from the post office but this blew me away.

Oh I have this brooch which I bought for me sister. She didn't care, now I use it.

For one of my birthdays a family friend made a cake with a barbie in it. She frosted a dress on it and now that I think of it, it could've been an adult party cake too.

I'm sending you something HG! Keep your eye out for it! In like - 2 years!