Monday, July 09, 2007

My crystal ball is broken.

All season long, I've been consulting my crystal ball in hopes of predicting who's going to stay and who's going to go. I've used it to predict who's making the cut and who's getting the boot. Hell, I used to get even predict my picks.

*(let me insert here that I don't really have a crystall ball, I just like to pretend that I do)*

And my crystal ball has been wrong in the past. I mean, come now, did you really ever expect me to say, "and now, the ball says my boy Shane O'Brien is going to be shipped across the nation to Tampa!"

Yeah... No. I think I might've flung the ball out the window or something if it had told me. Maybe that's why it wisely stayed quiet throughout the ordeal.

Except, now my crystal ball's saying, "Hey, I know I told you before free agency that Scott Niedermayer and Teemu Selanne are sticking around, but you know... now that Burkie signed Mathieu Schnieder and Todd Bertuzzi, maybe they're going to retire after all."

*grumble, grumble*

The jury's still split on the whole let's-make-our-team-meaner-by-adding-badass Bertuzzi. I wanted Ryan Smyth, but apparently the Rockies were a sweeter deal. Must be something about the freezing temperatures appeals to him.

And yes, I said freezing. I am just a wimpy, sunny SoCal girl, after all. With a broken crystal ball, apparently.

Even if there's not OFFICIAL word yet on the Nieds/Selanne retirement parties.

However, there is official word that the Champions DVD is being released tomorrow. I'm headed over for the pre-party screening, so I'll give a full review tonight.

Ooh, and um, if I didn't list you in my blogroll, let me know. Because I finally updated it today. See what you get done when you're sick?


Jibblescribbits said...

FYI: The Rockies aren't as cold as you think it is.. it's not like Canada.

Shmee said...

so jealous...Champions DVD. Might try to drown my sorrows in the midnight screening of Harry Potter.

Finny said...

jibble...: of course it's as cold as I think it is. I'm from California. 50-degrees Fahrenheit is cold. =) I'm that much of a WIMP. hahaha... don't worry, I'm sure I would only lose a toe or something. I just meant that Smytty's going to have fun in the altitude... In Canada, I might lose some limbs. PLURAL. Limbs!

shmee: I wanted to see that too!!! bugger. but yes, championship DVD was very nice. Full review still postponed. I'm such a lazy bum sometimes.