Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Monday Fifteen (another one)

It doesn't bode well that it took me two days to bang all of these out, does it??

• Five songs which described your pain and emotion throughout the last season!
“Sweet Child of Mine” Gn’R. I dunno why, but I got sort of fixated on this song right as the Pens run ended. Now it’s my ringtone. Yes, people hate me.
“Vancouver Canucks 2007” Ivan Hrvaskov. This Croatian (or so he claims) guy who is obsessed with making love to things and singing about the Canucks. My hockey gang knows it by heart and started trying to fit other teams’ names to it. (Ducks, yes. Pens, not so much. Sabres, don’t even try.) You can find him on Myspace or on Facebook.
“Bruises” Unloco. Seeing as how what brought me into hockey was Colby Armstrong’s repeated flattening of opposing players behind the net.
“Eureka’s Castle Theme Song” There was spontaneous singing of this in front of our college’s big screen TV while in the middle of a Canucks/Ducks game. I have no idea what to even attribute it to.
“Me Like Hockey” the Arrogant Worms. To round up the group of us who watched hockey together at school, we’d call the others and simply grunt “ME LIKE HOCKEY” into the phone, which was our less eloquent way of saying “Hey, the game’s on in the lounge. Would you like to come watch it with me?”

• How are you getting your hockey fix?
Knitting furiously, because by making warm stuff, winter will come that much faster, right? The library has started to get sick of my requests for hockey books as well. I’m trying to decide whether I can last for a whole Sidney Crosby biography without wanting to bang my head into the desk repeatedly..

• Your owner decides that your team will relocate, however one player will be voted to stay to head a new expansion team to replace yours. Who will you pick?
Ryan Malone. I love the kid dearly, but I think if you took him out of the Burgh, he’d just sort of lose his spirit. (and the relocation had damn well better be to Portland.)
From the Canucks, I’d probably leave the Sedins in the ‘Couv. It’s like a 2 for 1 deal.

• Name a hockey item you bought/received that you wish you could refund.
As a cheap college student, it takes me forever to buy anything, so no refund wishes yet… I’m hoping that when my Canucks jersey gets here I won’t regret going boy’s XL instead of mens’ S. Bobbly Headed Colby Armstrong agrees with me from his place on top of the TV.

• What's the last book/movie you read/saw? Was it good?
Book: in the middle of “No Idle Hands, A History of American Knitting.” I’m a dork. Oh I’m dork of the worst kind. I’m liking it, but it’s a slow read and it’s definitely the kind of history book a college professor would give you a D on if you wrote it.
Movie: Xanadu. As a rollergirl, I felt obligated. It was the best kind of 1980’s bad. I’m already considering a Xanadu costume for Halloween. Oh, the spandex!

• The last fan you saw who made you go grr? (any sport)
Nick, a guy I work with. Came in yesterday wearing a Flyers hat, then claimed “I don’t even care about the Flyers. I just liked the design of the hat” and then “Why do all the Pens fans hate me when I wear this hat?” followed by “I don’t understand why people watch hockey anyway. Baseball is so much more interesting.”

• Desert island movies (5?). Name them.
Plunkett and Macleane
Tank Girl
Top Gun
Finding Nemo (or some other Pixar movie.. maybe Cars)
Tristan and Isolde

• You just hit the player you hated the most with a car! Do you stop and help them? Or move on and claim he barely touched you?
Naah. He’d not really have been hit anyway… he would have flopped around too much to actually have been hurt. (yes, I just nailed Hasek)

• Baseball is on, who would you root for - even if you don't follow the game?
Right now the Harrisburg Senators, as the place I work is RIGHT NEXT TO THEIR BALLPARK so I have a clue how they’re doing. It also screws my friends up when I call them “the Sens”
Possibly also the Tacoma Rainers. I could care less about MLB, as I think baseball is right up there with football in “most boring and actionless sports to watch.”

• Speaking of baseball, what hockey players would you put on your team?
Most of the little Pens (Malone, Fleury, Malkin, Staal, etc) Taylor Pyatt, Ryan Miller and the Sedines for generic basemen/batters. Luongo for catcher… Danny Briere as the umpire, because it would be funny coming out of that baby face. Emery for temperamental player who wants to argue with the ump/base coaches/whoever, Bryzgalov as the manager and Laraque/Armstrong for the bench clearing brawl committee.

• Do you say soccer or football? Do you even care?
I say football to annoy American football fans, as I think ‘tis a silly sport. (and fart in it’s general direction)

• Talk about your work... Or why you can't/wont find work. Or alternatively, talk about the subjects you just took recently in class.
I currently work onboard a riverboat in the Susquehanna river, as the bills have to be paid. I’m looking for work in SOME historic field. I have a BA in history, and want to eventually work in living history/historical interpretation or museum education.

• You're approached to write a book on anything you want by a publisher. Tell us about it.
Women and Violence in Sports…. Okay, it’d focus mostly on hockey and roller derby with a little boxing and possibly some shooting sports included, and would be an exploration of why women who play these sports are generally see as being “alternative” types of one sort or another. (or why we tend to get typed as the ballbusting butch chick.)

• The Leafs want your goalie! What do you do!?
Laugh. Then offer to give them Thibault if they’ll hijack Bryz for the Pens.

• What's another hobby you have? Do you secretly have an obsession over something NOT hockey?
Roller derby. I’ve played for two years now and LOVE IT. At this point, I’m trying to save the money to get to the big convention in Las Vegas at the beginning of August. I’m also completely infatuated with Battlestar Galactica and am freaking out a little because I don’t currently get the Sci-Fi channel and OMG the season starts in January.

I’m also a horrible tall ship/maritime history dork. I blame a lot of that on my father and on the Horatio Hornblower miniseries. I spent a semester at Mystic Seaport doing nothing but studying boat stuff, and I wish it had been a 4 year program. I could live at that place… and will try to work for them someday.


CapsChick said...

You can't see it right now, but I'm giving you a standing ovation for the "Eureeka's Castle" reference. Holy crap. That takes me back...

Interchangeable Parts said...

Dude, Horatio Hornblower ROCKS! We actually skipped out on a Devils game to watch the third installment of it a few years ago! Pookie is a total Patrick O'Brian nut -- have you read his books?

Anonymous said...

I started the O'Brien books.. got through Master and Commander and part of the second one before I waterlogged it in a leaky hatch accident last summer. My dad has the whole series, so I've been trying to get him to sent them to me one by one, but after said water incident, it's taking some fast talking.

Meg said...

Movie: Xanadu. As a rollergirl, I felt obligated. It was the best kind of 1980’s bad. I’m already considering a Xanadu costume for Halloween. Oh, the spandex!

And the fact that it's now a broadway musical only makes it that much better!

KMS2 said...

My boyfriend is a huge Battlestar fan so I've been subjected to a couple episodes. He met the lady that plays Starbuck a couple times because he knows her boyfriend. Anyway, what I'm getting at is, isn't there going to be one or two teaser episode(s) before the actual season starts? I thought that I read about it somewhere.

KMS2 said...

Oh, one more thing. About the Master and Commander books: my brother bought a huge set on ebay for cheaps, so if you're looking for more books you might want to check it out.

Rinslet said...

Wow. You want Pyatt on your baseball team??? XDDD;;; Is he the one with the pink bat? :D

jk. god
Sorry Pyatt. I love you. really. I do.


Jordi said...

Oh Horatio Hornblower. I never got around to watching it despite the greatest recommendations from my history teacher who exclaimed that the main guy was "fiiiiiine".

Anonymous said...

He is rather fiiiine, of course he's recently also come out as being rather a jeeeeerk.

Interchangeable Parts said...

Schnookie already dropped by on IPB's part, but I have to say, the Patrick O'Brian's are so worth tracking down somewhere (even -- gasp! -- at your public library). There's also a super-duper cool online community called the Gunroom ( that's choc a bloc of the coolest people in the world who are all big-time history and tall-ship buffs.

As for Hornblower, yes, superfine. But Jack Aubrey, as played by Russell Crowe, could totally kick his ass.

Ellie said...

haha i love you're baseball team!