Monday, June 11, 2007

Keep him! No don't keep him! Can we have him back?

I'll keep it short. Because I do have a habit of rambling (oh really Jordi? Do you?). Nonetheless this has been stuck in my mind. Not only that but because while Rivet ripped my heart out, Smyth had the privelege of stabbing it repeatedly. Can the Oilers keep Markkanen? Pretty please?

Anyway I feel that it is important to clear up that I have not run away from my ardent support of a certain Russian winger of the Habs who is probably holidaying it far away. And in the talks of Free Agency it would be appropriate to explain that Gainey has been on the record saying that he is very eager to look into buying out Samsonov - why they are delaying it confuses me a little but I am very sure that he is leaving. Whether he hits the cap too hard or not is a lame excuse for delaying it, and if he is staying for the ride then I will be way surprised and a little worried. Because it's a bit too mentally gruelling for another year of "20 goals? 30?"; a tabula rasa in a new team (or an old) just seems better for both sides. And the whole "he's a washed up winger words words words" is flying bullshit. Sorry. I don't think my enthusiasm commuicates well sometimes.

Either way, I have a habit of drawing up a kind of list for my UFAs of the teams I don't want them to go to. I was a little annoyed that Peca ran to the Leafs but I got over it quick; and yes, the caveman named Spacek was a soft spot of mine. It seems very likely that Souray has been eyeing the Kings, with many people gearing up for the welcome parade. Souray's potential to me is still there. Not in the development sense. This year seems to be close to what I expected of him, and probably more. However if we traded him off this/last season we would've happily gotten huge returns. I mean there's been the debate, "Souray is overrated, we don't have 6 mil to pay him". But hell, I didn't think we had the money to buy Markov at that rate. I mean, I was praying for a 4 mil deal but I guess Markov wanted to stay so much that he wanted just a little more.

I'm not hating on Markov because my love for him is as wide as my love for Komisarek, but Souray is a juicy item to have. Maybe because it seems that he has the sparks of what may be valuable to a team. A veteran kind of morale, plenty of offense, unfortunately a huge lack of defensive capabilities but overall he's a tasty package to some who are struggling with d-men who can't even stop a puck. I mean, losing him wouldn't be the end of the world but keeping him wouldn't have been too bad. But if he takes a lower rate than Markov it'd be humiliating and a bit too farfetched. And if he gets signed at that rate then I'm going to have to drive into a wall or something.

On the other notes, Radek Bonk and Mike Johnson have settled in beautifully. If Johnson leaves I will be inevitably shocked but understanding. He was a steal and if he found a better deal elsewhere, I think he has the right to accept a different offer. I hope we have impressed Radek Bonk to entice him back. He's been great for the Habs and I don't think I could take him leaving very well.

If Aaron Downey is re-signed then I think our situation may be a little dire.

Nonetheless on the goalie case, Aebischer can go no problem but I hope there's a better system implemented this time which doesn't force Huet and Halak to be exhausted and then Carey being pulled up; and then Carey plays like poo poo which shatters his confidence and there goes a bit of the superstar goalie we've been developing. That's worse case of course but I'm paranoid, juicy opportunities just don't happen like this.

On the RFA front: Gorges, Komisarek, Plekanec, Higgins, Ryder and well Perezhogin but Perezhogin ran away to Russia which makes me sad but mostly mad now. If he comes back for the Habs I might boo him really. There are two prospects that are RFA as well but eh, I don't really care for them, okay I just don't know enough to pass judgement.

I'm not paticularly in panic mode since the recent season passed my expectations. It was helluva bumpy but it had its good parts. Plus I really should be studying but that's for chumps.

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Margee said...

Souray's estranged, breastacular wife is in LA and about to have their second baby. Thoughts?