Monday, June 04, 2007

Impending doom

Getting out of my dad's truck at the ranch today, I realized that I couldn't go hole up in their family room and catch a game on their Center Ice like I have for the past nine months.

This brought to my attention that very soon, a team will hoist the Cup for the first tme in franchise history and the only hockey to watch will be a few DVR'd games I've saved.

So, what is it that keeps us from going insane over the off-season? Usually I fill my summer with a pageant, but since I've officially hung my tiara up, I'll have to find something else. Most likely it'll be road trips, a countdown until my sister comes to visit for my birthday and playing on the river, filling my hockey quota with draft buzz, trade news and all the "Shark Bytes" on Youtube I can watch.

Just to ease everyone into the impending off-season, I submit my very favorite Youtube video, that shows everything the HLOG'ers are not... Well, I guess we could play dumb... you know, for comedy's sake, right?


Jordi said...

Ahaha I had already seen this but I almost cried laughing when she put that jockstrap on. God I wonder whose that is.

But ahem "not like a girl but an LA Kings player" could be considered the same thing. Sorry sorry, cheapshot.

Ellie said...

"sean's a fighter - we're lovers". hahaha!

Bethany said...

Haha I love that video!!

Elly said...

Oh wow, that is excellent. I will now forever think of Sean Avery as a baboon flaring it's ass when he goes to drop the gloves (not that I didn't think of a Avery as an ass before this).

McPhizzle said...

jordi - I laugh to the point of running for the washroom every time I watch it. "I'm ready to be a goalie!"

ellie - The look on Thornton's face is priceless.

elly - I know, right? I do admit that I have adopted, "I'm so mad, I'm gonna take my clothes off!" into my vernacular.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Elisha Cuthbert's going to be mad when she sees this.

Tracy said...

I haven't seen that before and I just laughed so hard. I hate that it features Avery, though. I really dislike that chump (when was the last time you heard THAT word?)

McPhizzle said...

DLS - She can have him. lol.

Tracy - Agreed, but at least you can point and laugh at him. :)