Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Was that a ukelele there? Mandolin?

So everyone who knows me knows that I stand firm in Buffalo's only saving grace being Ty Conklin, and also that I've even (for the time being...) ceased disliking Dominik Hasek because he's been doing so damn well for us, and I'm not about to knock a good thing.

But I'm willing to amend both of these things for the moment because while Haseoke ceaselessly amused me the first time around, it's even better now.

Thank you WGR550 for your neverending stream of excellence.


'Drea said...

Stop forgetting Ales.

Paige said...

Wow, I especially love that they are actually asking him about Anaheim . This is all so great, WGR is just amazing...

...frickin' amazing.

Steph said...

I spent about FIVE MINUTES (by which I might actually mean ten or so seconds) trying to figure out how the hell Ales related. And then I realized oh.

He barely counts I just like him by default!