Wednesday, April 18, 2007

you got beaten by a euro and he wears a visor

As an Atlanta Thrashers fan I would like to say a few things.

Firstly. Ouch.

Secondly. Ouch.

And thirdly, Ouch.

In addition to that I would like to congratulate Ilya Kovalchuk (who I love dearly but do admit he has a very Russian punkish temperament when he wants to) for attempting to inspire the team in anyway even when he wasn’t (but TRYING) to score goals.

After being penalised for a…. well off the puck hit in the last game on avery (the highlight of which was when they called the whistle he didn’t argue with the refs but went straight to the source of his anger, Sean Avery) was challenge by avery and actually went.

Now Kovy’s last fight was the infamous one with Mike Comrie, where both attempted to hit each other while not letting go of each other’s hair and looking like very very bitchy hockey players.

This one was different though. He actually went (I’m still waiting for video of it but there’s some nice pictures IMHO of Sean Avery almost cowering and the large amount of blood on Avery’s face.

"What? I got beaten by a EURO? Wearing a VISOR. NUH AH".

The game took a more penalised turn after that as the Thrashers become more frustrated but DEFINATLEY more impassioned.

I’m just.. Hoping while the series is out of our reach now, that the boys can atleast make a comeback and take ONE if not more, because to be swept in your first playoff series in franchise history is a cruel cruel blow that no one deserves.



Jordi said...

Anything involving Avery getting beaten up gets my thumbs up. Though what the hell is up with these Rangers? It aint fair!

Elly said...

Wow. What's that roaring noise I'm hearing...the rest of the NHL laughing?

WufPirate said...

Here's your link for that fight, via

Kovy Vs. Avery