Thursday, April 05, 2007

Leaving... on a jetplane

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Okay, so I'm actually leaving in my car, but the sentiment remains the same. I'm heading home to good old Saskatchewan for the weekend... before heading out east to see some elderly (aka dying or potentially dying) family members (no sympathy needed here people - they're old, they're cranky and hopefully, I'm in the will).

As a result of this, I will either be a) without Internet access for much of the trip or b) too drunk to remember where the hell the computer is or how it works. Actually reverse a & b. Will be too drunk this weekend to post anything, and then, while visiting the elderly members of my family (who will likely outlive me no matter what the middle generation likes to tell me) will lack access to the net.

So have fun all. Don't miss me too much!

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Ellie said...

saskatchewan sound almost as cool as lackawanna of which i laugh everytime i pass it on the highway because i have a friend named tawanna and it makes me think of her : )

(sorry that was random - have a good weekend!)