Monday, April 02, 2007

because we do things different down under

Superstitions? Ha. I don’t have superstitions.
Rituals? Ha I don’t even have those!

But I will tell you what a typical game day for me is.

FIRST, I MUST remember the game is on that day. Often I know it’s on but as games start between 9 and 11 am (Boston, Toronto, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Philadelphia) and 12 to 2 pm (San Jose) life kinda happens while they’re on.

Oh and that whole not getting to watch them? And not even getting to listen some days (often I’m in Class or the likes) kinda makes it easier to forget.

However When I do listen, often life goes on around them. I baked cupcakes to the Thrash last week, did the washing to the Bruins the other month, and have done numerous hours of law study to various games (all the while killing my internet download limit).

Ritualistically, I have no special clothes (its practically impossible to get gear over here and far to expensive to order it with the exchange rate) So beside my special Bergeron Jersey, and the various assortment of cheapo jerseys I have (which it’s far to hot to wear because it’s SUMMER! Over here). That and It seems no matter what I would do the Bruins were still intent on loosing this season, and only they could make the difference.

Now I’m not a fair weather fan with all this forgetting and lack of superstitions and rituals, it’s just pretty hard over here when you’re busy and the time zones mean the games play out in broad daylight and without graphics (Jordi knows what I mean!). I stick by my teams (the myriad of them I have) even when they’re down (bruins fan!).

A few weeks ago (while I was on my little real world enforced hiatus) the topic was bandwagon fans. Now I’m not a bandwagon fan. Why? Because there’s probably someone on every team in the league that I like. Well there is a few exceptions to that idea. Any NY/NJ team, The Kitty Cats of Florida, Dallas (well Modano does have pretty hair), Nashville ( I did like Scottie Upshall but he’s a Flyer now, YAY!), But all the rest there’s atleast one person I love so I have no issue supporting them as they try and make their way to the Stanley cup final!

But the playoffs. Who Do I want to see? I’m going to just do a run down from how everything stands at the moment

Buffalo V Montreal
I’d love Montreal to win because the Sabres irritate me in that vauge, undefined itchy way, BUT the chances of this happening (despite Edmonton V Detroit last year proving me wrong) are narrow. Buffalo has just been so dominate this year, that it’s hard to think of it going another way.
New Jersey V Tampa Bay

TB FTW! ‘Nuff Said.
Atlanta V Rangers
God. If the Thrashers after 7 years loose out in the first round of the playoffs, I WILL BE CRUSHED. If they’re in this position it does mean they have won the SE Division but still I don’t know if that makes up for coming so far to bomb out. They’ve got more firepower than the Rangers in Kovalchuk, Hossa, Kozlov, and they’ve got T’Chunky’ helping lead them BUT if those three don’t fire, it could all come crashing down. Lehts needs to be really really solid in goal, and the Thrashers faithful know he can be but it all comes down just like the forwards to him being on fire. He’s been a little shakey of late and I’m hoping (praying) that Hartley can get him to just settle down. Hartley has made the off season, 4 times ( I think) and in that time has one cup and has taken ALL of the teams to atleast the Conference finals. This is a coach that knows the playoffs, so lets hope he can steady them and guide the ship right, when it begins.
Ottawa V Pittsburgh
I’m completely undecided on who I want to win this, who I THINK will win this.
Stats - Looking at Stats you could say Oh Ottawa will because they have more points (1 point more). And 2 more wins. Pens have 3 more OT/SO wins. But those stats? Just looking at those would be foolish. Head to head however I think the Pens have the advantage.
Stars - The Pens have Sidney Crosby the League Leader in Points, the probable art ross winner, and the possible MVP. They have Malkin, and Staal, BOTH probable Calder candidates (Go Jordy!). The Sens have Heatley, They Have Spezza, They have Alfredsson. They have Stars with NHL Playoff experience.
Goalies - The Penguins have Fleury, Young, Good, Inexperienced.. The Senators have Emery……….. Um… Angry? Ghetto? J
I have loves on both of these teams (Jordan Staal’s Drunken Making out with the Side of Malkin‘s head€, Patrick Eaves’s Eyebrows, Shoes and infinity for bad 80‘s dressing, polo shirts and beer bongs, Christop Schubert and his Schubie Schnitzel, Dany Heatley’s Missing Teeth and Bad Hair) so honestly? I’d love to see either of them win.

Though, secretly? Between you and me, the sadistic part of me wants to see Crosby cry….. (again.)


Shan said...

Ottawa-Pittsburgh should actually be exciting, but I'd be sad to see the Pens leave after round one. Thus, Go Penguins.

I'm disappointed that Tampa is even making the playoffs, but I've always disliked NJ, so I too will cheer for Tampa.

I want to see the Rangers hang in for a while, I hope they can beat Atlanta and even go on to the conference finals.

An of course, I must support the Habs, though their opponent will be tough. I was hoping the Habs could pull into seventh and avoid this matchup, but now it's clear that they'll be fortunate to hold on to eighth.

Paige said...

Of course the Sabres will win! duh...

Wow, it never even came in my mind that we'd lose, that'd be so sad.

I remember last year, after the Sabres finally lost against Carolina, I went into mourning. I dressed in all black for a week. :(