Monday, March 19, 2007

*sneaks back in*

I’m going to stick my two sense in on violence in hockey and legal ramifications because hey ho I am studying Law! Firstly I would like to apologise for my absence but In the last month I have left home, moved 8 hours away, started university and am living in someone’s tiny front room where I am required to get online from my BED. (I am so over that)

Any who.

Violence in hockey. See I am a fan of violence in hockey. Not like overly violently happenings like… the simons incident, or the bertuzzi / moore shebang (YES the only time ice hockey ever made the Australian news and it was THAT). But I’m a fan of the good old HARD check, the good old heavy weight tilt, or even the corner scrap. Why? Because it’s part of the sport and it’s part of the code.

Someone goes after you, YOU go after them back. If you can’t do it. One of your team mate steps up to defend you because HEY that’s what team mates do, it’s retributive! (I think that’s a word!)

I’ve played on inline teams (inline hockey is like the semi contact no were near as violent version of ice hockey Practically no one fights) and EVEN in this sport people fight though. Someone hurts your team mate you make sure they can’t get away with it. I have a photo of me somewhere I have to share of me hitting a guy in the back of the head with my blocker while the ref watches on.

Where the line is drawn though is when people start getting hurt.

I loved the statement earlier (and the Tamora Pierce Quote *geeks out to the extreme*) that it’s not the fighting that’s the problem. That it’s the stupid people.

I’m not sure what I think on Simon’s suspension I honestly don’t know enough about the whole thing and I haven't even seen video of the incident (contract and torts are taking up a lot of my time).

BUT I do want to make a few points about things I know.

By agreeing to play a sport such as hockey, one is assuming that there is risks. Violence in sport is generally covered on the basis that one is assuming and accepting such risks associated with the sport. In hockey, one is accepting the risks they are going to get hit, pushed, punched, kicked, all of that lovely violent crap whether a penalty or not (things that are penalized are still accepted as part of the game!)

What happens is and especially with the simons case and similar in the Perezhogin case (which from what I saw was a really bad case of anger and bad timing) is the situation must be looked at to see not only the severity of the action, BUT where in this instance the line between acceptable conduct (even if it’s unacceptable something that can be assumed to be within the scope of hockey behavior) and *giggle* Objectionable conduct is. (YES I KNOW SO LAME)

Gah and you know what you probably all know that? I’m just babbling. I’m going to run back off now but before I do I’ve got one last thing.

The Bruins are making the baby jesus cry. Seriously, man. Last night? I just… IT HURT. IT HURT IN THE HEART MAN.

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Objectionable Conduct said...

*bows* I am glad that you liked my Tammy quote. I am a huge fan - can't wait for her next book, which I hear has been postponed until next MARCH *whines*