Monday, March 19, 2007

Dream Team

Alexander Ovechkin – Sidney Crosby – Mark Recchi
Alexander Semin – Chris Drury – Michael Ryder
Simon Gagne – Vincent Lecavalier – Martin St. Louis
Henrik Zetterberg – Joe Sakic – Chris Clark

Nicklas Lidstrom – Scott Neidermayer
Dion Phaneuf – Milan Jurcina
Andrei Markov – Rob Blake

Martin Brodeur
Olie Kolzig

Ovechkin – Crosby – Recchi
: Okay, I’m probably going to have to turn in my Capitals Fan card for picking two Penguins, but I can’t help it. I may not like Crosby, but I’ll admit he could turn out to be kind of a decent hockey player. You know, someday. He and Ovechkin could probably make some real magic out there. Recchi and Crosby already have some great chemistry and I’ve actually always liked Recchi...despite his propensity for playing on evil teams.

Semin – Drury – Ryder: Two classy, hard-working guys who both know how to wow you offensively plus Semin, one of the best stick-handlers in the league. I love it. (Plus I’m hoping Drury can be lured away from Buffalo next year to come and play for my boys because I love him so...)

Gagne – Lecavalier – St. Louis: I think this line was used at the all-star game and generated some amazing plays. I like the idea of an all French-Canadian line, I like Gagne, I like Lecavalier...and the midget, well, I put up with him. He’s a damn fine hockey player, though, and that trumps any outside feelings I may have. (See Crosby, Sidney above)

Zetterberg – Sakic – Clark: This is an odd one, and I honestly don’t really have an explanation other than the fact that I like all three of these guys and the other lines kind of formed themselves. You’ve got Zetterberg, an explosive offensive talent. You’ve got Sakic, who is ageless, timeless, class personified and continuously productive even after almost 20 years in the league. And you’ve got my Clarkie, whom I just love, teeth or no teeth. He’s proven his offensive ability and leadership skills as well as his willingness to stick up for teammates, and for that he goes on the list. You need someone who can drop the gloves, you know?

Defense: There’s no rhyme or reason to the defensive pairings other than I like what these 6 guys bring defensively every night. The only ones I really paired up on purpose were Phaneuf and Jurcina. I know you’re thinking, Jur-who? Milan Jurcina, the best pick up the Caps have gotten all season and simply a beast. With he and Phaneuf together, there wouldn’t be an opposition player left standing.

Brodeur – Kolzig: I’m going a little old school on this one. I know both these guys are nearing the end of their careers, but I had to do it. Brodeur is step by step demolishing every goaltending record ever set while barely breaking a sweat. Meanwhile Kolzig has to be one of the most underrated goalies in the league. The numbers he’s posted while playing behind the world’s youngest and most inexperienced defensive corps are unbelievable.


Bethany said...

Haha I love it!! The only one I disagree with is Crosby he may be the best but I hate him...but I love your goalies...great team my friend!

Heather B. said...

While I admire your recognition of Chris Drury, you keep your dirty paws off of him in real-life! He's staying in Buffalo! He is! I know he is!

CapsChick said...

Bethany: Trust me, I hate little kool-aid lips too. But I can't deny he's an amazing player, and I'd love to see him with Ovechkin. I wonder if I can lure him away from the Pens with a cherry lipsmackers...

Heather: I WANT HIM! HAND HIM OVER! ;) You can Beech! Take Kris Beech, he's, um, good. Really.