Sunday, March 18, 2007

Quit complaining...sheesh.

Is violence in the league a problem? No, and it may seem like every other day we turn around and there is another incident where a guy gets hurt and people are complaining. But, this is hockey, not ice dancing. Hockey is a tough game it’s never been a game for the weak of heart. You get hit, you get punched, you get pucks in the face, and you have to deal with that it’s your job. Now, I’m not trying to say that what Chris Simon did was ok…because it wasn’t. There are certain times that the league does need to come in and send a message and I think the suspension did that. 25 games is a perfect way to send a message because it does go into the playoffs and it does tell everyone that using the stick, as a weapon is wrong. I do believe though that it wasn’t pre-meditated and it was just his instinct to get back at the guy. However, how he did it was wrong. It would have been ok for him to drop the gloves and beat the guy.

I don’t think that there should be any legal repercussions because in my opinion it’s your job…you know this is a possibility going in…and well Hollweg is not even hurt. So why would he take legal action? It’s just stupid. That’s my little take on it…I don’t really care a lot about these suspensions because Colin Campbell is a joke in my opinion…not a big fan...even though he got it right with Simon.

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