Thursday, March 29, 2007


"Ahh! Don't say the s-word!"

I'm pretty relaxed when it comes to superstitions or pre-game rituals. Throughout the season, especially by the middle of the year, I must have gone through several "rituals" or "superstitions" believing that it's that certain ritual that's helping my team win (not that they made it hard for me to believe).

Pre-game Shower - this is not really a ritual, but more of a coincidence. I consistently shower before a Canucks game start and having them win that same game, but I don't believe this is one of those "superstitious" things. Most Canucks game start at 6-7 PM and end at around 10 (including the post game show), so it's just more convenient for myself to take a shower before a game rather than doing it late at night.

The Good Luck T-shirt - For 95% of the time I've worn my "Markus Naslund" t-shirt while watching a game, or during the game day, the Canucks have won. I just say 95% cause I honestly don't remember if they've lost while wearing that shirt or not, and they might have or have not, considering I don't wear that shirt every game day.

Having the right company - As much as I like concentrating on a game, watching it alone so I can fully absorb it, I believe having the right company with me can affect the result of the game. Most of the games I've watched with my brother has ended up with a Canucks win, while the only time I watched a game with one of my friends at a bar ended up in a horrible loss. After that loss, I've been reluctant to invite her out to watch a game.

Do not predict the result! - "NO YOU SAID THE S-WORD!" Yes, I believe if you predict certain things in the game, like a shutout, it will always end up with the opposite result.

Becoming religious - The only pre-game ritual that has stuck with me since December. I'm not a very religious person, but it started as a casual thing, first thinking "Oh God, please let the Canucks win!" and they did start winning, so after a while it came to full-blow pre-game praying. I prayed a lot during the Canucks 6-7 game winning streak after Christmas. I remember praying the rosary for Markus Naslund to break his 17- game goal slump, and on that same night, he did break it. I forgot to pray during the Minnesota game, and our 7-game win streak was broken. Afterwards, "Please let the game against Toronto be a blowout and Naslund scores a goal!": Canucks win 6-1, Naslund scored the 6th goal.

So, I continue to do this, and it seems like God has listened to it so far :P since we've only lost (regulation/OT/SO) 10-or so games since then? My mom who is extremely religious thinks if I show this much devotion to praying for our own intentions (not Canucks related), we might have a solution to our problems. XD;;;

This is the first season I've really had "superstitions" and I doubt I'd change it up much for the playoffs, except maybe devote more time praying for them to win or something.

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