Thursday, March 29, 2007

Life comes at you fast (x-posted from my own blog)

(poster note: I've been offline for about a week or so thanks to the death of my old motherboard--thus the crosspost rather than me giving away what little magic I have left after last season by telling you what all of my superstitions are. ;))

Let’s recap:

‘Canes got pwnt by the Mo-ple Leafs, and then got pwnt by the LAST PLACE Flyers. They’re now in a position where they have to go 4-1 in their last five games to make the playoffs (which I’m sure has some martyr-complexed mental defectives in a certain northern state salivating*), and a handful of noobs are screaming for Lavi to be fired because “he isn’t any good”–but you know what?

I don’t care.

You heard me:




This team has their future in their own hands–they always have. Hakuna Matata, folks. That’s been my mantra all season, and it’ll still be my mantra. So what if they got pwnt? I don’t control the Hurricanes’ destiny, they do. Sure, I’m not happy about those losses. But so what? I’m not the one out there on the ice. I’m not the one getting frustrated at missing chances and looking like I’m skating through mud and giving the impression that I’m resting on my laurels. The ‘Canes are the ones who have to live with the shame of getting taken out to the woodshed by their former coach and the worst team in the League, not me.

If the ‘Canes deserve to make the playoffs, they’ll make the playoffs. If not, then they’ll have time to rest up for next season. No excuses. No giving a tinker’s damn what fans of other teams think. And certainly no regrets, because what needs to happen will happen regardless of what all of us armchair coaches think.

Go Canes.

*:not referring to any of the other ladies here. Calm down.


PPP said...

'Who cares' is right! You guys won the Cup last year. Keep enjoying it :)

Jordi said...

Any chance of misplacing the thing in case another er... team... gets it? I'm counting on you.