Saturday, March 24, 2007

Les Super Canadiens de Montrèal

Alright, I admit it. I basically jumped ship on the Habs about 2 weeks ago, and threw the full force of my cheering behind the Pittsburgh Penguins, who I've also followed all season, due in the large part to the HOTNESS of the Gronk and Flower. (Bad Justice, bad - you should only follow a hockey team because they are good - oh wait, they're also good. Whew. I'm okay then.)

Either way, then my Super Canadiens de Montrèal have had this like, resurgence, and are actually not sucking. So while I never STOPPED cheering for my team (I never stop cheering for the record - there's just less enthusiasm when they suck balls) now I have once again put the full FORCE of my fandom behind them.

Its a sad but true fact. I am a bandwaggoneer. I will jump ship when the ship is sinking and cheer for the next best thing. Of course, I will NEVER cheer for the team that defeats my team. Last year I booed Carolina from the second round on.

That said, I have a bad habit of having a favourite team in each conference. Habs for Life and all that jazz still applies, but I always like to pick a team out West to cheer for. Kind of the dream Stanley Cup Final thing.

This year I have been highly torn in my decision in the west. Clearly I love many of the Ducks. I want them to do well, but the Flames have CRAIG CONROY back. I mean, Craig Conroy! I love Conny. Craig Conroy.

Oh and then there was a period when the Nucks had Hottie McHottie, Patrick Coulombe up from the Moose - that was probably the only time I cheered for the Canucks in my life. Then they sent him back down, and I went back to booing the Canucks and cheering for the Ducks and Flames. I have yet to decide who deserves the full force of my fandom however.

That said, I always have a team to cheer for. Today, I want the Bruins to beat the Rangers. I want Philly to beat the Isles. I want the Pens to beat Hotlanta. I want St. Louis to beat Detroit, mainly because I hate the Red Wings with an unbridled passion. Buffalo HAS to beat the Laffs. The Habs need to beat the Caps. The Sharks have to beat San Jose. T-Bay needs to beat the Sens. I want the Kings to beat Minny. Phoenix should beat Dallas, and of course, the Oilers should beat the Preds.

I play that way all season. I cheer for a team all the time, because at the end of the day, I like hockey. Even when my team is out, I want to watch the game - to me, that's what its all about.


Anonymous said...

Not post related...bit I read your blog daily and now it says I am not allowed to read it. Please add me so I can view and read it.


jso said...

same here! i tried to read today and it was blocked! i was so disappointed!


Objectionable Conduct said...

I need your emails guys - I am just posting explaining why its private now.

jso said...

I think I know why you made it private!

Anonymous said...

FYI, the accent on the è is wrong. it's Montréal. Alt 130.

Emme said...

Hi - I'm in the same boat as everyone else and would like you to add me -

Emme said...

I love your blog & can't wait to read it again!