Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I almost called it!

Do I get honesty points? After we scored tout suite in the first period, I said to my boyfriend, "We're going to win! 6-0!!"
Then Carolina scored like a minute later and I was forced to revise my prediction: "6-1! They can still do it!" Pretty good, eh?

I really hate how the Leafs are stringing me along here. After they blew a 3 goal lead in the third period on Friday, I was thinking to myself that it was over. (This is not to mention a sucky loss to Washington earlier) I should just quit watching now and hiberate until the next season. Okay, so Leaf fans are prone to hysteria. That's nothing new to anyone on this board, is it? Come on, tell me the truth. There has to be someone here that doesn't think we're insane...

So there's still a chance. A slim one, admittedly, given my team's penchant for inconsistency...but they tend to be decent when everything's on the line, so here's hoping.

Will I bandwagon? Yes, but only for the case of a Canadian team in the Stanley Cup finals...and yes, even if that team happens to be the Sens. Otherwise, no deal. I won't be following until then anyway...occasional TSN scorechecks notwithstanding. It's just not the same watching teams I don't have an emotional investment in.


Steph said...

I haven't wholly given up yet either...they've been so bipolar lately (okay fine, nothign new). But just when I start to want to give up hope they pull off a game like yesterday and get my hopes up again.

And you saw Cam Ward effectively score on himself right? Oh please say you did, I've been wanting someone else to point and laugh and say HAHAHAHA WARD with me ever since and there's just no one!

k.le said...

yes, bipolar is the perfect word to describe them. they can win against great teams and suck against bad ones...they can be on a period, off the next...half our team can go on an extended scoring drought and suddenly antropov(!) becomes the team sniper...
haha...i forgot you were a sort-of leaf fan!

i did indeed see the cam ward self-goal...i felt a little bad for him...it was awkward...haha

Steph said...

They frustrate me like this every season I swear - they get on a hot streak and then just as soon start dropping everything again. And yeah, they're my Eastern team! My dad grew up in Toronto (he actually boos the Wings - especially when we play Toronto) so there was always Leafs love around my house growing up.

I almost felt bad for him...and then I remembered it's Cam Ward, and the Oilers fan in me is apparently a big jerk and just laughed.