Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Five, March 16

When did Friday get here?

  1. What magazine do you read cover-to-cover every issue?
  2. When was the last time you purchased an actual CD?
  3. Do u txt msg often? :p
  4. Would you ever shave your head (or have you)?
  5. Puh-tay-toe or Poe-tah-toe?


Steph said...

1. I really don't think there are any anymore...I used to read Alternative Press cover to cover but then I was too cheap to renew. And here in the States we don't get nice things like the Hockey News, so...

2. I bought Heavens' S/T when it first came out thanks to my unabashed love of Matt that was like, November.

3. Oh god I had a $40 overage fee thanks to them last month. I BLAME YOU ELLY! (No, I don't.)

4. I haven't, my ex-roommate has several times...I've gone pretty sure, but I'm too finicky about my hair for that.

5. Puh-tay-toe. The midwest has gotten to me.

CapsChick said...

Isn't that 6 questions? ;)

1. Do digital magazines count? Because I have a digital subscription to The Hockey News. And I'll admit it, I love People magazine. Brainless reading, perfect for the weekend.

2. I honestly can't remember the last time I bought a CD - downloading music will be the death of me.

3. I text message an average amount, usually more when I'm at a game because I'm old and can't hear when I try and talk on the phone during intermission...

4. No. And no. Regular haircuts are traumatic enough for me.


Bethany said...

1. US Weekly...I just can't stop...freakin celebrity gossip gets me everytime. I like the Hockey News too...but don't really read it too often.

2. Oh gosh an actual cd...haha the Blue Jackets put together a Christmas cd and the proceeds went to I bought one...and now I have all my boys singing Christmas carols.

3. Oh yeah. I send out at least 2500 texts a month...there is nothing else to do at work...haha jk

4. No absolutely not. One of my friends did...but I could never do it.

5. Tater...I'm a southern girl

kristin said...

1. Entertainment Weekly...that way I can discuss TV/movies/music without having to actually watch/listen to it all. That and the hockey news.

2. I can't remember the last time I purchased an actual CD. They are so hard to open that I can't be bothered!

3. Love the texting!

4. I would if my head were not so oversized and bumpy!

5. Puh-tay-toe

Finny said...

When did Friday get here?
:scream: i dunno. i lost track

What magazine do you read cover-to-cover every issue?
hockey news

When was the last time you purchased an actual CD?
cant remember

Do u txt msg often?
yes. to canada too

Would you ever shave your head (or have you)?
hell no. you're crazy or im drunk.

Puh-tay-toe or Poe-tah-toe?

Ellie said...

1. Wired and Self.

2. Probably 7th grade. Downloading is the way to go.

3. Yeah - other people usually initiate it though.

4. Never.

5. Puh-tay-toe yinz : )

Heather B. said...

What magazine do you read cover-to-cover every issue?
Entertainment Weekly
When was the last time you purchased an actual CD?
Oh, gosh let's see... Probably U2's last CD. I download most stuff these days but I like to have their albums in my hands.
Do u txt msg often? :p
Never. Don't have a cell phone.
Would you ever shave your head (or have you)?
I would if I thought it would look halfway decent, but I have a big round head/face and would probably look like Charlie Brown.
Puh-tay-toe or Poe-tah-toe?
I don't care how you say it, I'll eat it.

Sherry said...

1. What magazine do you read cover-to-cover every issue?
I try not to read magazines anymore but it used to be Q or Spin and sometimes THN

2. When was the last time you purchased an actual CD?
Reading week when I showed up for coffee too early :P I like buying CDs actually and looking through the artwork.

3. Do u txt msg often? :p
I try not to because I hate writing cutesey short-forms. Plus my fees are outrageous!

4. Would you ever shave your head (or have you)?
Not my whole head but parts of it. It was a phase. I don't think I ever could do it though. I had really short hair for awhile and I've now become attached to my long hair.

5. Puh-tay-toe or Poe-tah-toe?
Pfft, puh-tay-toe of course!

Objectionable Conduct said...

1) Cosmo and Sports Illustrated. I am a study in contrasts....

2) Curtain Call by Eminem - whenever that came out.

3) I've filled up my in and out boxes on my phone once today already. So that's over 50 messages and its a slow day.

I send messages to everyone - going through my phone I have 1 BC number, 7 AB numbers, 15 SK numbers, 2 Manitoba numbers, 1 NS numbers, 3 Cali numbers, 1 Wisconsin number, 1 Indiana number (don't ask on either of those lol), 1 R.I. number, 1 Pensylvania numbers, 2 Nebraska numbers, 2 Mass numbers, and those are all people I txt on a regular basis, so you tell me - do I txt a lot?

4) Hell no. My hair is like, who I am. Well actually it just makes me look hot. Bald for me would be like, well Britney being bald. We all know how that looks.

5) Puh-tay-toe. It's all they grow here. That and beans. And sunflower seeds. And oil. Well they don't really grow that.

hockeygirl said...

1. Dwell; Canadian Geographic; THN; SI

2. Does it count if it was purchased with a gift card? Because if no, then I have no idea. If it does, then 2 weeks ago and there were a few in the bag when I walked out.

3. I would yes fairly often. I heart my plan with it's crazy amount of texts allowed. I text to Australia, Cali, Calgary and to my pals here in TO.

4. I would and I have had my hair about 0.5 cm long, which is pretty short. I have learned to love my long hair though.

5. Puh-tay-toe

(CC - you are a cheeky monkey.)

Jordi said...

1. What magazine do you read cover-to-cover every issue?
INSTYLEEEEEEE. I love it. It's my "I can so not afford anything in her but it's great". Plus they do great celebrity features.

2. When was the last time you purchased an actual CD?
*thinks hard* I think it was Bloc Party.

3. Do u txt msg often? :p
With good english thankyou! I get free text which is great.

4. Would you ever shave your head (or have you)?
I have enough hair to give to bald people so I'm not too sure myself.

5. Puh-tay-toe or Poe-tah-toe?
Mmmmm Poties...

Rinslet said...

1. What magazine do you read cover-to-cover every issue?
Lately, the Hockey News. In the past, Newtype, Vogue, and some random gossip magazine. :D
2. When was the last time you purchased an actual CD?
Half a month ago? Not for me though. My mom wanted Josh Groban's latest album, sooo yeah.
3. Do u txt msg often? :p
Often enough. Rather than calling people, I usually just text message them.
4. Would you ever shave your head (or have you)?
No (and no). As much as I like keeping my hair short, they keyword is "keeping". I think I like my hair too much to actually shave it off. Even if it's for cancer or something.. I'd just donate money. XD
5. Puh-tay-toe or Poe-tah-toe?

Jocelynn said...

1. Interweave Knits

2. I think it was Green Day's American Idiot. I think.

3. Nope.

4. No and no. I like my hair too much.

5. people actually say it the other way?

Elly said...

1. None, really. The Hockey News when I pick it up (like for the goalie issue).

2. Heavens - Patent Pending.

3. Not really. I only really text Steph sometimes (who texts me just as much, so there), and occasionally a quick message to a friend if they're in work. I'm atrocious at it and have no patience. I'd rather call someone.

4. I haven't, but I would. In the summer, I'd die of exposure in the winter.

5. Puh-tay-toe. Hello Vermont.

k.le said...

1. Macleans'. It's the only magazine my mom subscribes to that have I any interest in. It's a decent read.

2. At least two years ago. I think it was Frank Sinatra's greatest hits or something...I download now. I won't disclose the last song I downloaded because it's just too embarassing.

3. I may be the only 22 year old in the world who owns a cell phone and hasn't figured text messaging yet. I just don't get it. I'm also on a pay as you go plan so they're sort of expensive.

4. Maybe, for an exorbitant amount of money.

5. Puh-tay-toe.

thehockeychick said...

I should just title mine the "Saturday Five".

1. Funny, I did an internship for Sports Illustrated and I don't even read it. Cooking Light is the only mag I subscribe to.

2. They still actually SELL CD's?

3. Nah. I like to actually talk too much.

4. If it were for a cause, absolutely. But no, I never have and wouldn't just to be different.

5. I'm Irish. So they're all delicious to me. =)

Happy St. Patty's Day everyone!!!

Brit said...

1. I don't really read magazines. I read the Florida Times-Union every day, but not every section (why do I need business?). =)
2. Hmm.... I'm not really sure. Probably within the last six months, maybe?
3. Not really. If I really need to talk to someone I call them.
4. I could never shave my head. As much as I hate my hair, I would be very sad to part with it.
5. I'm a midwest girl at heart. It's clearly puh-TAY-toe. =)

Anonymous said...

1. Hockey News...always cover to cover the first day I get it.

2. months ago and I cannot even remember who it was.

3. too much about 1000 texts a month. Had to upgrade my plan

4. no way in hell would I do that. My hair is to nice.

5. Puh-tay-toe

Heather said...

1. What magazine do you read cover-to-cover every issue?
The Hockey News (yes, we get it in the 'States) and a couple photography magazines I subscribe to.

2. When was the last time you purchased an actual CD?
I just bought a spindle of them...

3. Do u txt msg often? :p
Yes, because I hate talking on the phone.

4. Would you ever shave your head (or have you)?
for the right price.

5. Puh-tay-toe or Poe-tah-toe?