Tuesday, March 20, 2007

All Aboard!

Gosh, jumping on the bandwagon. You make it sound like a bad thing!

Last year, I was on the Oilers bandwagon. I got into hockey late in the season, just in time to watch Roloson and the Oilers play Detroit in the first game of their series. Sure, the Oilers lost in double overtime, but Roli was amazing and I jumped on the bandwagon. At the time, I didn't know it was a bandwagon, or know that it was a bandwagon that would go so far, but what a ride. My boyfriend loves former Flyer Rod Brind’Amour, so he jumped on the Carolina bandwagon. We had ourselves a friendly little rivalry that carried us all the way to the Finals. It would have been a boring end to the season without the bandwagons!

(Picture of last year's bandwagon. And yes, that is a Phillies blanket made for me by my Aunt...you know you're jealous!)

If you watch a lot of hockey (and I think most of us here do), it is natural to pick one team over the other. For example, last night I was watching the Rangers/Pens game, and for some reason, I was rooting for the Penguins. I was incensed at the Rangers second goal and was yelling obscenities at the refs. “Why did you not blow the whistle? You can’t see the puck, there should have been a whistle! You can’t decide it is a goal after the goalie gets up and you see where the puck is!!!"

But I digress.

If you watch a lot of hockey, you are going to see some teams you like and some you don’t. At a minimum, you can have one Western and one Eastern Conference team. My team is the Flyers, but I also love the Ducks. I watch a good amount of Ducks games, and although I don’t follow them as closely as the Flyers, I would consider them my other team. So, yes, I will be jumping on that bandwagon soon.

*goes to NHL.com to order Ducks gear*

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Shan said...

I want the Pens to win their division, but I also want the Rangers to make the playoffs, so I was siding for NYR in that game. It is natural to cheer for one team over the other. Usually I root for the underdog, or the team that's trailing so that there is overtime, and I'm also generally partial toward the home team, so that the crowd is happy.

Montreal IS my team, and officially, the Canucks are my western conference team.