Tuesday, March 20, 2007

All Aboard the Cheechoo Train

How hilarious is it that we have three posts with the words "All Aboard" in it.

The day after the Senators got knocked out of the playoffs last season and my head finally stopped hurting, I said to myself: "Self, you are better than this. You are a hockey fan and there is still plenty of hockey to enjoy." So I went about deciding who I would follow during the playoffs now that my beloved Senators were gone. It seemed natural to want to choose Edmonton because they were the only other Canadian team left. Instead, I chose to cheer for Carolina. Why? Because they were facing the Sabres in the next round and I still had lingering hatred towards them.

So does this make me a bandwagoner? I'd like to think of it more as "bitter, resentful and unsportsmanlike." And proof that I can pick winners, right? Right?

If God wills it that the Senators are going to suck and suck might hard, and all of the other teams make a deal with the Devil to get into the playoffs, thereby knocking us out, I don't know if I could cheer for any of the Eastern teams. They are all full of the Taint to me. Instead, I will cheer for the Sharks and the Flames. Asides from the Senators the Sharks and Flames are pretty much number 2 in my books. Again, I'm not jumping on a wagon or anything, I don't think, since I've always cheered for them.

That being said, I know where my loyalties lie and I would never be able to fully throw my backing to any other team except for the Senators. I root for somebody else to win, but I draw the line at buying their paraphernalia. Colour coordinating is okay though. The good thing about the Flames is that I won't have any trouble finding anything that matches colour-wise since the Flames and the Senators have two colours in common. I'm going to have trouble finding something teal though.

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