Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Do: Look on the bright side.

Don't: Make up lame stories about your favourite player demanding a trade from your favourite team. Wait. The agent said the same thing before - right when he was dropped to the third line and all that. And like it wasn't true. Sammy was like "haha that's not true silly. I just bought a barbie surprise house and I can't give that up." And and and it was alright - it's gonna be alright... right? He can play D? I mean anyone can play D on this team! *shakes computer*

Karma is a bitch.
And it shall be forever remembered as "It went faster than you could say Chris Pronger*".

*breaks stick in half over head*

... Hey at least we didn't get Avery right?

*(as a side note. I am thankful that it's not an exact replica of Pronger's situation. I mean I don't actually have to wonder if someone shagged a muppet and got a baby out of it.)


CapsChick said...

Awww...buh-bye, monkey boy. :(

It's sad, but not completely unexpected, right? Maybe a change of scenery will do him good, get him back to his old form.

Shan said...

Hmm, what does that say I think I need to brush up on my fren--"Le Russe souhaite maintenant être échangé et son agent, Neil Abbott, a entrepris des démarches en ce sens auprès du directeur général du Canadien, Bob Gainey."

Oh. Damn you, Jordi. Damn you.

E said...

i'm sorry, jordi.

Finny said...


"shagged a muppet and got a baby out of it"?!?!??!?!

oh god. I'll never be the same. I'll never think of Prongs the same.


and on a more serious and somber note. I tripped out when I read that Samsonov is looking for the trade... and I thought of you and pouted for you and sent you mental hugs from Cali. Bundled with love.

I love you, J.