Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ah, I Suck at Titles!

Ok, so my favorite thing about the NHL is the goalies. I love that they allow themselves to be targets for a speedy chunk of rubber. I love a good glove save. And the stacking of the pads. And the very rare goalie fight. Yes, that is what I love the most about the NHL.

I really dislike the shootout. Not because I am a "purist," whatever that means. Not because my Sharks are utterly terrible at it; I hated it before we knew they would be terrible at it. I just don't think a team game should be decided that way. I also disagree with those that say it is really popular and point to all the cheering fans. Hey, I cheer on the Sharks during a shootout even though I dislike it. I do want them to win, after all. I cheered yesterday when Chara scored the game winner for Boston, because I wanted them to win. But I also cheered because the darn thing was finally over after going I can't even remember how many rounds.

There it is. My favorite and least favorite things about the NHL.

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