Tuesday, January 23, 2007

NHL schedule won't change

The NHL Board of Governors met today and the current schedule is going to last for another season at least.

Last time the BOG met, the proposal to revert back to the pre-lockout schedule was just short of approval (you need a two-thirds majority vote) by one vote. Today, 19 of 30 members voted for a change in the schedule. The proposal needed 20 votes.

So in a span of just under a month and a half, not a single person changed their mind (or if they did, it didn't affect the total votes for or against the proposal). I don't understand how the media and fans can complain so much about the schedule over the past month and nothing changes.

Ugh. I hate the current schedule. Hate it. I hate playing every one in our division 8 times. Even if they were all fantastic teams, you don't need to play any team that much. For more on my opinion on the topic, you can read a paper I wrote for my English class last semester here.

What are your guys' thoughts on this decision?


Earl Sleek said...

What are your guys' thoughts on this decision?

Hmm, I'm pretty OK with it, actually. If it was a three-year cycle, we might as well see it through.

As for the schedule itself, I dunno. For the Ducks, there are always good Sharks and Kings matchups, plus regular losses to the Stars and regular wins against the Coyotes.

In other words, a mix of good and bad. I might be in the minority, but I think the extra games vs. SJ and LA are good for our market. But overall, I dunno, it's kind of a wash for me.

Probably the thing that upsets me the most is how much is written about how scheduling will fix the NHL's product. PSHAW! Fix the game, dummies, not the opponents!

Sherry said...

I'm with Sleek in that I don't have a problem with seeing the cycle through...even though I hate the current schedule.

I don't mind the number of divisional games so much as not being able to see the other teams at all. I can understand Ottawa's decision because divisional games, especially against Toronto is good for their market.

kristin said...

Your paper made some good points Christy...an interesting read. I would love to see the schedule change. Most of the televised games I get to see are Western Conference games because of my work schedule, and I would love to see the Flyers play the Ducks or Oilers. Instead, every time I check the schedule, it's the Rangers or the Devils.

Their theory about increasing rivalries and therefore increasing attendance seems off. I would think ticket sales would increase for games against opponents that you never get a chance to see. Sure the novelty would eventually wear off and attendance would level out but at least it would be better than 8 games with the Devils!

(I just want to see more Western Conference games since the Flyers first good run of the season (two wins in a row!! ouch) came out West, with teams we won't play again until god knows when...)