Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Blogging the YoungStars Game

...oh forget it, not even I can type that fast.

Quote of the Game goes to Jim Hughson:

"Is there a rule that three people have to touch the puck before anybody can shoot?"

Is anybody else embarrassed by the lack of people in Dallas? I mean everybody knows the game means nothing but it's really too bad.

I amend the Quote of the Game and give it to Ryan Getzlaf:
"We're in trouble boys! We sold the farm!"

At least that's what it sounded like to me.


Finny said...



magnolia_mer said...

A little off-topic and puckbunny-ish, but good lord, there were some hot players at the YoungStars and the skills competition.

Honestly, some of those guys are movie-star good looking (Selanne and Sakic, IMHO).

I thought the attendance was low from what I could see on TV - I still don't think Dallas is a hockey city. At least Raleigh has enough transplants to fill the seats at RBC.

Stevens8204 said...

The game was very much a cherry picking fest...but Parise won the MVP...so I'm happy.


Sasky said...

I didn't see (just listened) to the game from my humble online radio.

Sold the FARM! *giggle* Ahh I Love Getzlaf.