Wednesday, January 10, 2007

If you didn't vote for Rory, you let the enemy win.

Or something like that. Well ring the bell, everything's finalised. NHL has chosen their picks that *ahem* you've voted for. I feel a little guilty that I chose Cheechoo in one of my votes - don't get me wrong though he might pretty that game up for us.

As a Habs fan the biggest thing that I should think is who the hell voted Souray in? Was there really that little choice in your voting kids? I guess this is what makes me a little miffed - Souray is by no means the Canadiens' representative All-Star. I guess I'm going to pout and mutter "Koivu deserves it more". But what do I know? Obviously Souray is the star boy. Though kudos to him - he's a hard working guy and someone's gotta cut him some slack someday. Habs Inside/Out pointed out that Souray's appearance is the first since 94 by a Habs player who was voted in. If Souray can keep his head up and proud - this may prove perfect as his contract expires the end of this season. UFA *cha-ching* dollars will roll his way.

As a hockey fan, the biggest laugh will be the Eastern starting line of Briere - Crosby - Ovechkin. If you've missed anything - Ovechkin broke Briere's heart by never calling him back. And now they're back again like an ex-boyfriend at a family dinner. And Crosby? Mario Lemieux was so thrilled he made him a packed lunch.

Sherry's Addendum

As Jordi pointed out, the All-Start starting rosters have been announced but I thought I'd give you a visual tour for those of you who like "pretty" pictures.

Western Conference

Joe Thornton - Joe Sakic - Jonathan Cheechoo

Scott Niedermayer - Niklas Lidstrom

Roberto Luongo

Eastern Conference

Sidney Crosby - Alexander Ovechkin - Daniel Briere

Sheldon Souray - Brian Campbell

Ryan Miller

The rest of the roster will be filled out by NHL Hockey Operations and the GMs and coaches. Rory Fitzpatrick finished third in voting but somehow I don't think Randy Carlyle will be too gun-ho about inserting him right away. Come on guys, peer pressure!

And how did your Ottawa Senators do in the voting? Not well...but I took the initiative not to partake of any ballot stuffing. But I'm one of those kooks who didn't want my boys going this year. Wade Redden finished with the most Senators votes at 305,497 votes but still only finished 8th.

Provided that they don't get into a cat fight with each other for any miscellaneous reason, the forward line for the East should be electric.


The Acid Queen said...

There's a great deal of irony in the fact that two of the starting forwards are going to be Briere and Ovechkin.

Sadly, the humor will be lost on most of the Sabres Nation.

E said...

actually, the sheer silliness of the top line is almost enough to make me want to watch the thing. i have visions of briere and ovechkin 'accidentally' running into each other and hitting each other with things over and over again, until crosby gets so irritated he defects mid-game to the western conference.

Heather B. said...

AQ: I'd complain, but unfortunately you're right. It *will* be lost on a lot of Sabres Nation (I'm not going as far as "most" though - I'm optimistic that somewhere out there is a sane, silent majority). I, however, think it's great fun and wouldn't have it any other way! If you drop the gloves against a teammate, is it still a penalty?

Jen Z said...

YEAH - no Rory! The All-Star title remains sacred.

k.le said...

Jordi: you can blame me for giving the enemy a foothold.

Jen Z: you can thank me later.

The Acid Queen said...

AQ: I'd complain, but unfortunately you're right.

And it's truly sad, because in my experience way too many Sabres fans are so caught up in Teh Bittarz that they're totally missing the really amusing stuff like this (and, by the same token, really not appreciating or enjoying this season).

I, however, think it's great fun and wouldn't have it any other way! If you drop the gloves against a teammate, is it still a penalty?

I think it is--the question is, who gets the penalty (and more importantly, can I get a cut of the PPV rights?)

CapsChick said...

Oh my god, I would pay good money to see those two heavyweights duke it out. And in an All-Star game of all places - pure comedy!

Seriously, what's with the bizarro rivalry theme going on here, on both teams? Wash-Pitt, Wash-Buf, Buf-Mtl, Ana-SJ, Det-Col...yikes.

Pikachu said...

Nyahahaha! At least NHL made up for no Rory by putting Briere and Ovie on the same line! (tho they really didn't make up for it, more of the fans XD)

wahahahaha! I am actaully more stoked to see Briere vs Ovie pretending to be nice to each other than Fitz being a pylon in the skills competition.

Jordi said...

Thanks Sherry for giving me pretty men. Well almost.

I guess I can put aside bitterness for a sofa pad show and the awkwardness of a goal by Ovechkin or Briere. I hope Ovie tries to give Briere a bear hug. It's be like a father - son show.

Okay now I'm thinking too much.

Sherry said...

With Briere being the son, I assume :P

I think the after-goal celebrations would be quite awkward

"Should we hug? I feel like we should hug. But eewwww, gross!"