Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Points on the just-ended Boston @ Ottawa game.

  • It was not Phil Kessel's first game back since beating testicular cancer. He played two games in Providence this past weekend. Technically, this is his third game back.
  • Jordan Sigalet is a goaltender. Jonathan Sigalet, slightly less than five years Jordan's junior, is a defenseman. Jonathan was the only Sigalet playing in the Boston game this evening. If you're going to make your living annoying me and talking over the game, giving me a play-by-play of what I am watching on the ice (how redundant is THAT, by the way? I have eyes. I can see.), the least you can do is get the names right of the players.
  • Matt Lashoff, while a talented young defenseman, is not a veteran at nine games into his NHL career.
  • Jordan: goaltender.
  • Jonathan: defenseman.
  • Boston: thanks for giving up 4 unanswered goals and dropping a 2-0 lead. That was awesome.


Sherry said...

No complaints on my part ;D

aquietgirl said...

I'm so impressed with Heatley's resurgence. Apparently, it's not lost on him that he floats and coasts whenever he plays with Spezza. He's really making an effort to make plays and become more responsible defensively.

And did you see the facial hair he's growing??? With those eyes??? He's going to look like a very beautiful werewolf soon. Hopefully he has a chance to grow a real playoff beard this season.