Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hip Hip... HUET

Dude, the Montreal Canadiens have always been known for three things.

  1. Insane Fans
  2. Insane Quebecois Press
See it doesn't MATTER if Patrick Roy demands a trade.

It doesn't MATTER if Jose Thedore slips and falls on the ice after having a craptastic season and breaks his heel or whatever the heck he broke.

The Montreal Canadiens have DEPTH in net.

Right now, the Habs are one of several teams in the NHL that are working the two goalie system. You really can't call Cristobal Huet the "starter" over David Abischer. That said. I'm all about Huet.

Not that Abby's not great. He is.

But Huet came in when the Habs needed him the most. When Theodore was sucking a nut. When we needed a strong presence in net to make the playoffs. Huet was there.

Now, as we all know, I normally have a thing for the Hottie McHotties in this league, as long as they're great players. I'm also big on guys with BIG personalities.

Huet isn't exactly either of those things. He's good - but he hasn't been great.

He's not Jose Theodore HOT, but he's not Patrick Roy dirty hockey ugly.

But for the Habs, he plays good, solid hockey and has helped the team have one of the best PK units in the league this year.

Abby's been there too, helping out along the way, but I for one, will forever remember the first time that I cheered, hip, hip... HUET.


magnolia_mer said...

Huet sure showed up Marty Brodeur at the All Star Game. In fact, he let the least number of goals (2) in. You have every reason to celebrate.

Heather B. said...

Can I admit that for almost all of last season I thought the "Ole" cheer was actually "Huet"? Yes, I am a dork.

I think Huet's kinda pretty atleast in the picture you used here.

Jordi said...

Huet can kind of show the hazard of gelling your hair like Luongo. But in real life he's a definite winner.

Since you stole Huey I gues I get Abby.

Paige said...

"I think Huet's kinda pretty atleast in the picture you used here."

I don't know Heather, Huet is pretty intense looking. Plus you can't beat Biron's eyes!

Objectionable Conduct said...

[b]Mag:[/b] Marty was hungover as hell during the All-Star game, so maybe Huet didn't have as much to drink the night before...? Either that, or its because he's French.

[b]Jordi:[/b] I have noticed a disturbing gel addiction among many NHL players. I think someone needs to introduce them to hair smoother or hair milk or something.

[b]paige:[/b] I want a Marty Biron. I want him with a mic on at all times. He amuses me.

Paige said...

I <3 Marty B. too. He's a free agent after this year, and b/c he costs more than Millsy, it doesn't look like he's staying here. And, OMG, he talks so much! It's great when he's mic'd. Mike Robataille said "if you're gonna be the guy w/ the mic, don't sit next to Marty!" I heard he roomed w/ Briere and kept Danny up 'til 3, Danny couldn't get him to shut up!

Objectionable Conduct said...

I want a Marty B. Seriously, he should sign with the Flames, so that the next time I stalk the Flames (which I do regularily when they play at home and then in Edmonton) I can harass him.

Paige said...
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