Monday, January 15, 2007

Creative Challenge, Jan. 15-28: Perfect Game-UPDATED

Some of you may have read Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch and some of you may have seen this in Jason Kay's editorial in the Hockey News with Ovie as Superman on the cover; either way, what are your 10 prerequisites requirements (update: thanks Jocelynn, I'm sure your students love their grammar exercises :P I went with what Jason Kay used in the Hockey News) for a perfect game? To get you started, here are Jason Kay's:

  • bad blood
  • good ice
  • an electric crowd
  • the right seat-mate
  • superstars
  • an equalizer scored with the goalie pulled
  • 4on4 OT
  • a controversial call or non-call
  • mistakes
  • organ music
Have fun with it and remember, the sky's the limit!

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