Monday, January 08, 2007

Bad career choice

Hockey and Religion - What's the call when a player observes a religion?

Whoa - serious topic this time! I think maybe Rubin has simply made a poor career choice for himself. If I were a single Mom and I knew that I had to be home in the evenings to be with my kids, I would decline a job in which I had to work long hours, well into the evening. And I certainly wouldn't take the job and then expect my employer to change the rules for me. By the same rationale, Rubin shouldn't have gone for a job in the NHL if he knew it would conflict with his firm religious beliefs. The NHL schedule and requirements have not changed! I'm sure he's an intelligent guy with lots of options and he should have chosen a career path that would accomodate his needs for time off (more of a 9-5 type).

It's like me saying that my dream job is to be an actress but refusing to work the long days required for shoots. Directors wouldn't be falling over themselves to offer me roles...and I doubt that GMs will be falling over themselves to sign Rubin either.

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