Monday, December 18, 2006

These guys make worse poker players than golfers...

So did anyone catch the TSN Party Poker Charity thing? Because if you didn't - well there wasn't much. As a side note, Souray and Rivet are on next Sunday and I'm not sure how far they went but they definitely did not win.

First order of business:
- Well Avery claims not to play poker much. Well probably because he spends most of his time doing you-know-what with Elisha Cuthbert. I must add - for a guy who goes out with such a hot lady why does he dress like someone mugged Justin Timberlake? Vests repel women but no one told him.
- Firstly Dustin Penner has a crazy ass voice. I'm sorry but it threw me off really. I said he has a voice like Gravel because amongst everyone else - he had the hardest voice to hear.
- The first round was a match up of Talbot (Pens), Bergevin (ex-NHL), Penner (Ducks) And Connolly (Sabres). When Talbot got his first dynamite hand, he put on what I can only assume were womens sunglasses. The announcers had a hoot and I assume the other players did too. Afterwards, if he got a great pair - no sunglasses were donned.
- The worst poker players ever? Well Penner was a pretty eager guy and got some unlucky hands. Bergevin was even worse, with his Hell's Kitchen tee and emo glasses. He was a hoot though - totally getting his ass saved. Nonetheless the better players got through - Connolly & Talbot. Though biasedly I preferred Connollly - the only guy who seemed to understand the rules.
- Second round was Avery (Kings), Brashear (Caps), May (Avs) & Walker (Canes). Before I forget I must say that it should be thankful and possibly rigged that Avery never survived to the next round. Imagine a Larauqe & Avery matchup where Avery would not get out alive. Nonetheless Brashear was uh, scary. He was intent on being #1 in the game though he was no match for May. Brashear had sunnies and a cap for the poker face but it wasn't too good. He managed to get into the next round because A) Avery talked way too much and was a shitty player and B) Walker hates confrontations so half his money went into betting on hands he folded the next check. Walker knew his stuff but you can imagine him as the kind of guy who makes a very boring poker game.
- The announcers kept talking over the chitchat gossip that went on between the players. Pissed the hell out of me.

And as a side note: Happy Holidays! (with Semi Habs players)

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