Monday, December 18, 2006

I've been a slacker, and for that, I do not apologize. I am what I am.

I started a new job last week, after several months of being unemployed. My mother was understandably through the roof, because it meant I'd no longer be bumming gas money. I'm just excited because I finally have a valid excuse to buy those really cute dress pumps and that gorgeously cut blouse. However, as I was getting ready for my first Friday this season where I would be heading from work straight to the game, I wondered how this break in my pre-game rituals would affect my team, the Providence Bruins (answer: terribly. They lost all three games this weekend. Providence, by the way, is Boston's farm team).

And then, because I wonder a lot, I got to wondering what kind of pre-game rituals other fans have. We've all heard tale of how on winning streaks, players will wear the same skivvies, and we've all seen the playoff beards. I know that Boston this year has started the "rally helmet" during shootouts.

HLOGgers and kind friends, I ask you: what kind of pre-game rituals do you have? Do you have a specific playlist you listen to and get pumped with? Do you have specific underroos that only get trotted out on game nights? Do you wash your lucky socks, or do you skip it, afraid that the detergent will wash out all the luck, too?

(this is a sort-of cross-post from soveryobsessed.)


Jordi said...

I'm not completely on with lucky clothing but I can be sure that I am believing in luck more and more. Additionally I switch on the music and feel good shows when the team starts losing. That way I can try to make myself get over the loss.

What's the rally helmet?

Nice to see you post, don't be afraid to post a little more about anything. Even if it's just the farm team.

Heather said...

oh, i'm not afraid to post. i'm just busy/lazy. no worries. got some stuff planned.

the rally helmet is like the rally cap- you wear your hat (in their case, helmets) backwards.

margee said...

I have a few lucky shirts I wear to games, and have recently decided my flaming orange scarf is totally unlucky since both the Mets and the Isles lost while I was wearing it.

Oddly, when I'm watching a game on TV, I wear the opposition's shirt, or some random team. At home, my Isles shirt is completely unlucky.

Anonymous said...

pre-game stuff...

MAKE-UP. I get dolled up (I usually wear nothing, just lotion) and flat-iron my hair. Pop in earrings, usually the Ducks ones (sick, I know), and wear my hair down. If I'm wearing the jersey to the game, I wear a Ducks shirt under it. If I'm not going to wear the jersey (which has been lately, I don't know why), I don't wear a Ducks shirt. This is going to be even more cramped now that I'm swapping jobs too... interesting... I guess my rituals are pretty random except for my make-up.